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7 Ideas that Really Work to Make you Happy !

7 Ideas that Really Work to Make you Happy !

1. Teach yourself a Lesson

Reframing is basic technique favored by optimism experts. The goal is to find something positive in a sad or stressful situation – a job dismissal, or an injury or a divorce – by figuring out what you gained from the experience, not just what you lost. Ask yourself, What does getting fired tell me about myself and others ? May be you weren’t interested in your work and you hated your commute. May be spending more time with your children replaced your career as your top priority. Or may be you need to work on your people skills. Don’t ignore the negatives; do try to learn from them without dwelling on them too long.

2. Interrupt Negative Thoughts

A quick way to get out of a pessimistic frame of mind is to force yourself to think about something else. Say you’re stuck in traffic – a situation that frequently triggers a cascade of self-flagellation (“I’m always late; I am so disorganized; I never do anything right.”)Before you give in to mopiness, look out the window and notice the passengers in the other cars. Make a mental list of people to invite to your parents’ anniversary party. Or relive a favorite memory in exquisite detail, right down to the colors, smells, and spoken words. The idea isn’t necessarily to think “Positive” thoughts, but rather to stop the bullying ones from attacking.

3. Set Realistic Goals

According to some psychologists, positive thinkers have learned the art of meeting objectives – and, when they fall, of readjusting goals so they become more attainable. Succeeding at what you set out to do improved confidence and gives a sense of control; the key is to pick goals that are achievable, or else you might end up reinforcing your feelings of impotence. Begin with something simple, like your daily to-do list. Make chores specific and manageable – instead of “clean the cupboards,”try “put away old clothes”,”move boxes” and so on. And keep the list short – five things you know you can accomplish instead of 20 wishes and good intentions. Next, start breaking down larger goals and problems in the same way. (“have more fun” might become “go to the movies once a week” and “invite friends for dinner”).

4. Be good to Yourself

Treating yourself to the things you love isn’t an indulgence – its essential to building confidence, regulating your moods and gaining a sense of power over your life. Grab a sheet of paper and spend 2 minutes writing down absolutely everything that brings you pleasure. Your list can include anything: a roomful of freshly cut flowers, watching your favorite movie, travelling to Switzerland. Then make a point of trying to do at least one thing on your list every day. Keep in mind that intention is part of process of taking control; don’t just do something because it’s habitual or easy – do it because you want to.

5. Go Digging for Silver

Seeing the bright side is hard if you don’t understand what you’re looking for. Here’s a simple trick for training yourself to recognize those precious glimmers or silver: In a Notebook, describe at least one positive thing that happens every day, no matter how bleak and trying that day has been. Even something as simple as preparing a delicious lunch is worth noting and appreciating. Take a daily “appreciation time-out”, especially when something isn’t going well – say, during a heated argument with your spouse or when a friend cancels your movie plans. The situation becomes less irritating or disappointing if you step back  and force yourself to relish some part of it: your daughter’s intelligence and feistiness or the unexpected gift of two entire hours to spend as you choose.

6. Be Glad its not Worse

When you are feeling low, try thinking of someone even unluckier than you are – not to gloat, but to gain a new perspective on your situation (and maybe a new understanding about how to cope). In one study, subjects were a sentence to complete 5 times: either “I’m Glad I’m not a…” or “I wish I were a……”. Afterward, those who reflected on their good fortune expressed more satisfaction with their lives that the whiners did.

7. Fake it

Guess What? Smiling when you feel bad makes you feel better. In fact, merely moving your mouth into the shape of a smile – say by holding a pen between your teeth – can lift your mood. One quick way to cheer up is to pretend to yourself and to others that you’re just fine. When you’re sad, listen to some feet tapping music. Be extra polite to the cab or taxi drivers. The main point here is : “You need to Project the mood you want to get back”. Never underestimate how contagious moods are between people. Often others will react and be nice back to you.

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