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Cycling – Making a Comeback

With congestion and pollution becoming a serious issue in Indian cities, many concerned citizens are combating the problems in the simplest of ways. Cycling is turning out to be a perfect solution for those who want to commute short distances conveniently,and it is also a mode of recreation within and outside the city.

Cycling – Making a Comeback

Discover New Facets of your City

Cycling around in the early mornings is one of the best ways to experience the vibrant neighbourhoods and get a peek into the many layers of the city. Explore narrow lanes and enjoy the iconic squares of the city before they get congested with traffic. After a fun session of discovery on two wheels,one can stop for a much-deserved tea and breakfast break. Nowadays, there are many cycling clubs being founded in urban neighbourhoods across the country. Get in touch with friends and fellow cycling enthusiasts and make cycling trips a weekly habit.

Health Benefits of Cycling

There are many benefits of cycling – both physical and psychological. It is a great cardiovascular workout, better than running on the treadmill as the knees don’t get jarred with the movement. A good round of cycling gives participants a full body workout and strengthens the back and core areas. Improved cardiovascular health will help prevent heart disease, and blood pressure remains controlled.

When cyclists hit the road on two wheels and explore new destinations, it gives thema good psychological high. All senses are alert,and the physical workout can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Beat the Traffic

One can literally lift your ride out of trouble when faced with rush hour congestion. Cycling allows commuters to negotiate thin spaces and move ahead in a traffic jam. Cyclists can also enter by-lanes and use shortcuts that are inaccessible to cars and public transport options.

A Green Option

Those who have started cycling often can give themselves a pat on the back. Cycling is a great way to help ease the pressures on the environment. A completely no-exhaust transport solution, cycling is the best way to reduce individual carbon footprint. Then, of course, the cost factor makes cycling very effective. The less spoken about fuel prices, the better. How about a no-fuel and speedy transport solution?

No Need to Buy a Cycle – Find a Pedl Station

One does not even have to invest in a new cycle to enjoy the experience. Nowadays there are modern cycle rental services that anyone can use. Services like Pedl have made cycling accessible to anyone. All the customer needs to do is find the nearest Pedl station and unlock a bike by paying via a wallet app. Book the cycle online with a simple and hassle-free process. Apart from the cost-effectiveness, there is another advantage of renting a cycle. One does not have to worry about parking space, especially those who live in apartments and areas where space is a premium.

Cycling is a simple transport option,and there are certain safety guidelines that must never be ignored. Gain a new perspective of the city from the seat of a cycle. Rent a bike, complete the trip and return it to a bike docking station – it is as simple as that.

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