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Delhi’s air quality worsens to a serious level

Delhi’s air quality worsens to a serious level

The air we breath in at the National Capital Region is deteriorated to a serious level due to a number of recent dust storms. The doctors have cautioned that people with respiratory conditions better keep the safe and avoid loitering in the out. It has also been recommended to the masses to wear masks.

It is said that for people with asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease or emphysema even small increases in dust concentration can result in worsening of their symptoms. So, it is better to take precautions.

The research has indicated that the dust particles small enough to be inhaled may cause irritation in a number of organs, including the eyes. They experience coughing, sneezing, hay fever and asthma attacks.

It is said that young children and elderly people are also more likely to develop health problems from long term exposure to high levels of dust.

It is found that an index anything above 100 is considered unhealthy by the Central Pollution Control Board. The average level was more than 800 yesterday, which is over four times the average air pollution recorded this month.

A doctor of a known Super Speciality Hospital explains that dust pollution can result in serious lung and heart diseases. These particles usually consist of sand, pollens, dust, ash and other very fine particles. Dust pollution seems to be a major concern because dust can cause a number of life threatening diseases in humans ranging from minor allergies to fatal lung and heart diseases.

Doctors have advised people to stay indoors and wear masks. They say dust particles can be tiny up to a few micrometers, which are small enough to enter our respiratory system via our nasal pores. To prevent the ill effects of thist pollution, it is recommended to wear masks when venturing out.

Moreover, people with existing respiratory and heart conditions seems to be at greater risk of developing long-term health problems. People who experience shortness of breath or hay fever after breathing dust should consult their doctors immediately.

Due to recent spells of the dust storms, air quality has come to a low level. The air quality index between 0-50 is referred as “Good”, while 51-100 “Satisfactory”, if it is 101-200, it can be considered as “Moderate”, 201-300 “Poor”, 301-400 “Very Poor”, and 401-500 can be regarded as “Severe”.

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