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Electric Vehicles to dominate the future Automobile industry in 5 years: says Nitin Gadkari

In an effort to curb air pollution, Nitin Gadkari, the Union minister stated that the blueprint for boosted production of the electric vehicles are already in place for the country and this is supposed to take at least 15 percent of the overall automobiles in Indian market in the upcoming 5 years.

The minister also commented that it is high time for the country to opt for serious promotion of the green vehicles while working towards decreasing the levels of air pollution. The minister has been rallying for the alternative fuelled vehicles and the EVs. He added that the requirement for the electric vehicles in India is potentially huge. The government is expecting that the electric versions of the vehicles will surely take over the total number of vehicles present in India by at least 15 percent that can be a significant change to the course of increasing pollution levels in the country.

India has a huge appetite for change, especially if it will help them in a positive manner and making it to the 15 percent mark can be fairly easy with higher mark achievable in near future. The ministry has already prepared a perfectly detailed report for the promotion of these electric vehicles via non-fiscal incentives.

Additionally, the minister pointed out to the fact that rises in demands will surely bring down the prices for such vehicles. Currently, the government is committed towards creation of a sturdy infrastructure for manufacture of these vehicles. Electric cars will also be introduced by the Indian government for the government departments in order to promote the e-vehicles. According to SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers), the sales for vehicle across these categories registered a whopping 14.22% growth with 29.97 Million of total units sold for the year 2017-2018 while the sale for the previous year was marked at 21.86 Million Units.

The minister also said that there were plans for setting up multiple charging infrastructures at the public places and the government based parking places. It was just last week that Gadkari pointed out to the fact that the EVs stand at the 12% GST which is why there is no need for subsidy. The government has also made an appeal to the automobile manufacturers for increasing the production of the electric vehicles in order to meet the rising demands. However, the government declared that purchasing an electric vehicle isn’t mandatory and people can opt to continue with the diesel or petrol vehicles.

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