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Facebook fast losing its charm, down 71 to 51 per cent in US

Facebook fast losing its charm, down 71 to 51 per cent in US

Facebook used to be the top choice among the teenagers in the US, three years ago. No more, as pointed out a study there.

The study inferred that it was visited by 71 per cent of people in that period, why now it is patronised by only 51 per cent of kids. The 13-17 age group teenagers use Facebook less now, according to Pew Research Center. It said that world’s largest social network has finally been looked down in popularity by none other than YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. The Instagram though is owned by the Facebook group only, that may be a thing of relief.

The social media environment today revolves less around a particular site or platform than it used to about three years ago, the survey pointed out.

It appears that YouTube is the most popular. It is being used by about 85 per cent of neo-youths, according to Pew. Incidentally, Facebook’s most income from ads come from US users, out of which a dominant number are either teenagers or youth.

The Facebook has communicated to its patrons that its most recent earnings call that it has tapped the market in the U.S. and Canada, quite effectively by counting 185 million users in those two countries only. The study showed the difficulties in keeping up that level intact.

The most worrisome part for the Facebook is its unpopular online chat platform. Only 10 per cent of teens claimed that Facebook is their choice of online platform. The analysis was based on a survey of 1,058 parents who have a teenager from 13 to 17. It interviewed 743 teens along with them. Interviews were conducted online and by telephone in the first quarter of the year. The researchers noted that ninety-five per cent of teens own a smartphone or have an easy access to one. Forty-five per cent said they’re online regularly.

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