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Facebook is testing Paid Subsciption options for Private Groups

Facebook is testing Paid Subsciption options for Private Groups

Facebook is going to change its policy which offers free contents. It will charge members for providing exclusive content on its platform, by the group administrators, initially.

A lot of groups, especially on parenting, cooking and home cleaning are popular groups on the facebook, which will be the first ones to make use of this new feature.

Facebook is free to call, currently. You don’t pay anything, except if you advertise or promote something there. Facebook offers you advertising, based on your interests when you browse the pages.

Facebook charge those companies a fee and show you their ads, which are usually based on your personal choices. Facebook doesn’t sell your data to anyone else. It only asks the interested companies who they want to target, and then does by itself for them.

A paid-for version of Facebook, if any, will be launched in future would contain zero ads, it is said. If users don’t want to see any ads at all, they might be able to pay.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg had already explained a few months ago that a no frill facebook version would be a paid product.

Zuckerberg had also said there will always be a version of Facebook that is free, but you cant say there might one day be a version that isn’t. It all depends on company’s revenue model.

But there are really only two ways Facebook could think of charging you– You would either have to pay a fee to get linked up to Facebook like buying a separate app in the App Store.

Otherwise, it could be a Netflix like service, and you will be charged monthly. If Facebook chose this model, it would be a paid monthly service. The fee will be less though, initially. It is explained.

One thing is clear, that to stop giving someone ads on Facebook, you would need to make the money back up with a subscription.

A number of people are experimenting with the ideas of groups on facebook. With a new subscription group, ‘Organise My Home’, members are able to work together on bite-sized projects. They have access to easily actionable checklists, tutorials, live videos and more. It helps them with home organisation, Facebook claimed.

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