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Facebook’s ‘Your Time’ feature will help fight Social Media addiction soon

Facebook's 'Your Time' feature will help fight Social Media addiction soon

The social media site Facebook is preparing to launch a new feature, which will be known as ‘Your Time’. It would offer information about how much time users spent on the Facebook each day in a week. It would also calculate and give the average time spent on the various sites per day.

This feature on Facebook would be helpful for readers to fix a time limit on the social media. It will also manage their Facebook notifications.

Nowadays, people are worried about their addiction on facebook and other such sites. It is like spending so much time that it interferes with other aspects of our daily life.

Medically speaking, you can not recognize the social networking addiction as a disease. Nevertheless, the behaviour or excessive use of it has become the subject of concern and research.

Some companies had introduced a number of features to keep a tab on the time people spent on their systems. This can be termed a sort of self-policing. It can be important since screen time monitoring dashboards are being launched to reveal which apps will dominate your attention more than the required level. It can then alert you or log you out when you have spent your time limit, it claims.

The proposed feature of the Facebook is said to be in the development stage. It would be hard to say when it would be launching the feature for all users.

Addiction refers to a kind of compulsive behaviour on social media that leads to negative effects. In this type of addictions, the concerned persons feel compelled to do activities so often that they tend to become quite a harmful habit. These habits then interfere with other important activities such as work or school.

Such a social site network addict constantly checks Facebook status updates or stalking people’s profiles on Facebook, sometimes for hours and hours.

Researchers say it is hard to tell when an activity becomes a dependency and crosses the line to become an addiction.

They have inferred that social media addiction can be much stronger than addiction to tobacco products and the wines. Media cravings have ranked much than the cravings for cigarettes and another kind of addiction like wines.

Some researchers have pointed out symptoms of anxiety, depression and psychological problems in people who spend much time online.

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