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Gangaur Puja 2020: Date, Puja Timings and Significance

Gangaur Puja for the year 2020 is being celebrated with all enthusiasm by people in Rajasthan as well as other areas in the North India. As per the Purimant School, this particular festival starts on the very first Chaitra day which then continues on for a good long 18 days.

In the northern half of India, the Chaitra month starts about 15 days prior to Gudi Padwa & Ugadi, as confirmed in the Purnimant calendars. The Gangaur Puja, also known by the name Gauri Tritiya, falls on the 27th of March.

This particular festival is actually celebrated to honour Goddess Parvati or Gauri. Both unmarried as well as married woman tend to participate in the puja by creating clay-based images of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The idols are adorned with beautiful jewellery.

On 2020, the Gangaur Puja is being celebrated on 27th March. The Gangaur Puja Tritiya Tithi started on 26th March at 6:23 pm. The festival ends on 27th March at 8:42 pm. In this festival, women offer their prayers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva by observing a day of fasting to ensure good health for their husband. Unmarried women also participate in this event to get the blessings to find a compatible life partner.

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