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How to Check your own Mobile Number in Airtel ?

How to Check your own Mobile Number in Airtel ?

Nowadays all of us keep so many sim cards for different purposes. You may be using one sim card for some very attractive internet offers while other for some good messaging plan. You might also be owning multiple sim cards from the same service provider. In such a case it is quite obvious to forget the mobile number associated with the sim card.

There might be a case when you want to make a call and you do not have any balance in your sim card. To overcome this problem you can use the USSD Code(which we will provide you) to get your Mobile Number displayed on the screen of your Mobile Phone. These codes are short and easy to remember. Please note that one sim may use multiple USSD Codes. So, if one code doesnt work for you, you can try another code.

What is USSD Code ?

USSD which is also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a Globally used System for for GSM Mobiles. It is widely used by people from India and other Countries to send SMS for activating the desired Application Program in that particular network. Applications could be anything like 3G Services, Roaming, SMS etc.

To Know your own Airtel number dial the codes given below :
  • *121*9
  • *282#
  • *140*1600#
  • *140*175#
  • *141*123#
  • *400*2*1*10#

Using any one of the above mentioned codes you can find your mobile number. I have checked my Airtel Number with the USSD code *121*9#

Note : These codes have been verified in Mumbai and they are working fine in other states as well. Please leave your comments below to help other visitors. Do remember that these number might get changed at any point of time. If the code doesn’t work for you, please feel free to contact the concerned Call Center Number.

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