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How to transfer Internet Data from Idea to Idea ?

Nowadays, every mobile operators have the service of Internet Data Transfer from one mobile number to another. By using this service, you can instantly transfer data from one Idea mobile number to another. Today we will share this easy trick to Transfer Internet Data(MB) from one Idea mobile to another. This service is also referred to as Data loan service. You can make use of this service to send and receive Internet Data Loan to and from your friends, relatives and closed ones. Our step by step tutorial will help you to send internet data (2G and 3G ) from one Idea mobile to another.

How to transfer Internet Data from Idea to Idea ?

To share your internet data with someone on Idea, you must first register for Idea Easy Share.

Prepaid Easy Share

  • Prepaid customers must choose Prepaid Easy share & Post customers must choose Postpaid Easy Share.

Select Idea Circle

  • Select your Idea circle i.e., your State where the Sim is Registered.
  • We will now tell you how to enable this data share service on your mobile phone. Please note that this service can be enabled by buying any plan from the list.

Idea Easy Share Plan

  • Idea allows you to transfer anything, may it be talktime, SMS pack or Internet Mbs to other Idea Customer.
  • To transfer Idea 2G/3G data to other Idea user, you either need to dial this Idea internet data transfer code *121*121# or login here.

Idea Login


  • Now you need to select how much internet data you want to donate or share. z. You can transfer 100, 150, 150 MB data. For this they will charge Rs 1, 2, 3 as convince fee respectively.

Idea easy share transfer pack

  • Now you can use the same method to transfer SMS from IDEA to IDEA.

So using this easy trick you can share or donate your Idea Internet data to other user.

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