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Drive on India Thailand International Highway from New Delhi to Bangkok Via Myanmar !

Now Drive on India Thailand International Highway Via Myanmar !

Are you a travel freak? Then, the news of opening up of a huge patch of Asian Highway-1 shortly, which passes through India to Thailand via Myanmar (Burma), will sure put you dreaming of a long-long drive! Rightly so. If you Google the New Delhi to Bangkok road map, you will get a map which passes through Indian States of Uttar Pradesh,  Bihar, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and then Myanmar,  region of Navpytaw and ultimately Bangkok. The route will raise your vehicle’s odometer to 8,650 kms net if you drive to and fro.


Not bad? Then tune-up your vehicle, pack your bags, make your travel documents as well as vehicle papers updated, and get yourself ready for this mega drive. Of course, arrange sufficient funds and get your trusted and lively accomplice along with in this road adventure.

About The Route:

The Government of India and the Thailand Government have agreed to open up the spruced up routes to the travellers from November 2015. The 3200 kms road of India-Burma-Thailand highway has become a reality now. The 26.5 kms long Myawaddy-Thinngan-Kawkareik stretch of the Asian Highway-1 is also operational now. It has shortened the distance between these cities to 45 minutes from three hours, thanks to the short route. A bus service to the city of Mandalay in Burma is also proposed from Imphal and Manipur.

The Asian Highway-1 is the longest road of the network which is spread into 20,557 kms and extends from Tokyo in Japan up to Korea, Hong Kong, China, South East Asia, Bangla Desh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, turkey, Bulgaria and west of Istanbul. It merges into European road route E 80 onwards.

India Thailand International Highway

Theoretically, one can achieve the destination in two-day and 19 hours journey, if he drives consistently at a speed of 60 hours per kilometers or so. It simply is not possible because one need pause at several intervals. Moreover, who would like to miss the serene beauty, folk life of the Indian State’s north-east region, their bamboo crafts, local handicrafts and wonders of exotic land, their cuisine and nightlife en route? It is not a car race, after all, but a visual treat and romantic sojourn with the nature! I bet you will love to extend this three day drive to a fortnight trip and will still feel something missing which you could see!

Checklist for Travel:

Bagan Ruins Myanmar
Bagan Ruins in Myanmar City

If you plan to drive yourself and your accomplice will also be on steering occasionally, it is a better idea to get an international driving license for both. Though visa on arrival will be readily arranged, provided you have valid Indian passports but you will not be able to move your driving machine beyond the check post of Indian border.

It is suggested that you plan out your itinerary well before embarking on a journey. It could include the places of interest en route and your halt. It is better to arrange a recent version of a SUV type diesel vehicle with sufficient boot space. Though baggage should be kept to the bare minimum but all your clothes, suited to the climatic conditions and the body gears are the prerequisite. If you are a photography freak, get your camera(s) and camcorder serviced, take extra batteries, chargers and Class 10 SDHC memory cards handy (The photographers know why! J). There is no mystery involved. It quickly fetches the buffer of your shoots, which is a must for video and multi shoot environment.

Bangkok City
Bangkok City

It is also suggested to check with your mobile service provider, whether they will be able to provide you the international calling facility once you enter the alien land. If yes, check and compare their tariffs. If not, pre-arrange an international calling card at a competitive tariff and be sure to ask, cross check and make yourself doubly sure about every fine print in their conditions, which otherwise may cost you dearly. Activate the data service too, but check their international plans, or take local cards, if possible. You can also route all your calls through Whatsapp calling, Viber or so. It may save you a lot of money.

So, are you ready for a life time experience?

Hope you have a great journey on this India Thailand International Highway.

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  1. The route is Quite good I guess it would be a good trip Thailand by car in 4-5 days will enjoy with family

  2. It could be covered in 5-7 days(One Way) but that would be too hectic i suppose. For a perfectly planned trip, you must spare at least 15 days to enjoy this Route and some fantastic Cities on this Route. 20 Days would be a lot better I suggest.

    You must also Read about the Cities and Pit Stops on this Route :: https://amazingindiablog.in/top-cities-on-delhi-to-bangkok-via-myanmar-asian-highway/

  3. Does it mean our vehicles cant pass thru the Indian border check post ??

  4. You got it Right ! An International Driving License is Mandatory to cross the India-Thailand Border. International License can be made in the Regional Transport Office in your City.

  5. What documents/permits & formalities & taxes are required be fulfilled before the trip and during the trip and what is the cost of getting the documentations done and approx cost for the travel excluding hotels and fuel( e.g., road taxes, govt taxes, permits, car permit, etc!)
    Please reply in detail to the email id mentioned !!
    Just want to know how costly the trip can be and what kindda preparations are to be done!

  6. Thanks for your query. A travel by the road route from New Delhi to Bangkok is the recent adventure one can think of, if he is a travel bug. Although both the governments and the Government of Myanmar have geared up to offer whatever they could, to boost the tourism in their respective territories, it is a better idea to take precautions and get things ready while not taking them granted for. Since it is hardly explored area of tourism sector, one cannot visualize the teething problems in such a gigantic yet adventurous mission. So, here are few guidelines. The guidelines are based on the experiences of a certain people who tried their luck on the route, even when it was not formally operational:

    • A local permit to drive in Myanmar is mandatory, so go to the consulate and apply, get one.
    • Import license of the vehicle (temporary) you intend to travel within Myanmar and Thailand is necessary, so apply and secure one.
    • See that your international driving license is updated and valid.
    • Secure CARNET from Automobile Association (you will need to deposit about 200 per cent value of your vehicle with them as a security).
    • Freight charges of the vehicle, if you intend to take the vehicle back by shortest sea route on the return journey.
    • Though visa on arrival is available in Myanmar and Thailand, but it is better to get one before proceeding to the road journey, because you are using some exotic mode of travel.
    • The travelling expenditure could be incurred on various toll plazas, in the three countries too. Moreover, some alien taxes or cess could be levied by the governments of the respective countries anytime, so take cushioning for that too.
    • Carry sufficient currency and foodstuffs because you may not find them when required, along the driving terrain.

    So, it is better you do not leave anything to chance for this adventurous journey and prepare your papers in time. The fuel and hotel costs may vary according to your type of vehicle and its consumption behaviour, and the preference of your stay in the types of hotels as well as the duration of the stay in the transit and destination cities.

  7. Can one travel through public transport from India to Bangkok?

  8. Does anyone fancy doing this trip from 20th Dec 2015? I know a motor bike shop in Delhi, no probe getting bikes, getting a co-rider is more difficult. Message me if you’re up for it.

  9. Hi,
    This seems to be a memorable trip but the procedures are too mind-storming, Wish Govt do something to bring everything under one roof. I wanted to know the total expense which includes fuel and toll charges if we head from Delhi.

  10. I think total distance is 8650 KM

  11. is it possible to go from nepal to thailand by bus or train from this way write now ?

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