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iPhone buff? Wait, a triple camera with a 3D sensor, OLED screen in offing!

iPhone buff - Wait, a triple camera with a 3D sensor, OLED screen in offing

You are fascinated by iPhone. You love its interface, solid steel body, glossy but sturdy package, and the apps, besides functionality. But, wait if you are planning to buy an iPhone right now because the 2019 version of the phone will offer you much more than meets the eyes.

Since augmented reality is a new buzzword in the technology of cell phones, how Apple can afford to remain behind. It is working overnight to make use of this technology in the 2019 version.

Moreover, it is working on the development of an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels technology. This state of the art technology is empowered to produce greater contrasts and dark colors as compared to regular smartphones. Earlier Apple phones too use liquid crystal displays (LCD).

The new technology of Augmented reality usually makes use of live view of a real-world environment. The elements of it are just augmented by computer-generated information. Thus, the views are based on perception and can make use of multiple sensory functions of humans. These include visual, auditory, and olfactory sensations, one experiences in daily life. The complex sensory information can be constructive which may be additive to the natural environment, or it can be destructive too such as masking of the natural environment. Such information is registered with the physical world in such a system that it is perceived as an outcome of the real environment, though it is not.

It is said that out of three cameras, two of them look at an object from a different angle, therefore creating a 3D object. Research has inferred that this is a better idea rather than the ToF (time-of-flight) technology that reads the time a laser takes to bounce off surrounding objects.

Other specialists suggest a stereoscopic solution. Here, a triangulation method is more workable because of long-term power saving and better outdoor algorithm.

The third camera, it is said, will make use of a longer focal length. It will boast of a 3x optical zoom, it is believed. Huawei P20 Pro is the only phone which employs three-cam flagship.

Thus, we can safely infer that this new state of the art technology alters one’s current perception of a real-world environment. The virtual reality replaces the current live environment with a simulated one. In a broader sense Augmented Reality is related to two synonymous terms– mixed reality and computer-perceived reality.

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