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List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Surat

Surat is one of the most popular City of Gujarat especially because of its textile industry. Being the 2nd largest city of Gujarat, not only there are some awesome Places to Visit in Surat there are some superb Shopping Malls in Surat as well. Apart from Malls, there are also some exceptional Shopping Markets in Surat. If we list all of them then it will be a long list. However, we are listing the Top 10 Shopping Markets in Surat. So, whether you are a localite or a Tourist, a shopoholic or a usual shopper you can enjoy shopping at these Shopping Markets in Surat.

List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Surat 

Let us begin with one of the most popular shopping markets in Surat Gujarat i.e., Dumas Road.

1) Dumas Road

Dumas Road

If you like the Mall culture and like to do shopping at the Malls, Dumas Road is the place to be in. Shopping malls here include VR Mall, Rahul Raj Mall(the biggest in Surat), and Iscon Mall. Dumas Square is always active and known to be a happening place in Surat. You can enjoy is all at and near the Dumas Square including Coffee, ice cream, art, conversation, friends and a lot more. So, Dumas Road tops our list of markets in Surat for Shopping.

2) Sahara Darwaja

Sahara Darwaja
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Surat is best known for its textile markets. You will find many textile markets at sahara darwaja. The Textile Market situated south of Sahara Gate offers a wide variety of sarees, salwar kameez, dress material and embroidered fabrics. At this textile market of Surat you will find embroidered saris and drapes which is known to be traditional dress of the Indian women. After our list of 10 best shopping markets in Surat, we have exclusively mentioned about all the popular Textile Markets in Surat and also one of the best known saree markets in Surat.

3) Ghod Dod Road

Ghod Dod Road

Ghod Dod Road one of the best known local markets in Surat which offers a lot of jewelry stores, shopping centers and other retail outlets. The road was rebult in the 1980s, which made it a major shopping market of Surat. Ghod dod literally means “Horse Racing” in Gujarati language. This name came into existence in the 1900s. At this market you will find a lot of major malls, restaurants and shopping centers of Surat like Regent Mall, G3, Chocolate Mall, Sarela Shopping Centre, Jolly Arcade, Rangila Park etc. If you are a women and you like to buy clothes from popular boutiques then you surely need to visit Ghod Dod Road. Popular boutiques like RAMA’S Haute Couture, Tambour, Tamrind, Aquarians etc. are situated here. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous markets in Surat.

4) Shanivari Market

Shanivari Market

If you are free on Saturdays, you can visit the Shanivari Market of Surat. As the name says “Shanivari” means ” Saturday” Market, is the largest flea market of Surat. In this market, you can get almost everything you can think of. All the way from colonial-styles lamps, art decors, Vintage teacups, to Bangles and even furniture. This market is located near Makai Pul and it also sells antiques, trinkets and second hand or used furniture. Ladies might like to shop here for household items and antiques.

5) Old Bombay Market

Old Bombay Market
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Surat is called the sari capital of India, with a large number of shops selling silks, embroidered saris and a lot more. Old Bombay Market is a popular cloth market in Surat. The entire complex of this market is lined with stores which sell the latest western outfits for ladies as well as gents. It’s not that easy to do a selection from the outside, however once you choose a showroom, you can just go inside and select from the wide variety of fabrics. It is also one of the most popular wholesale markets in Surat.

6) Raja Food Court

Raja Food Court, Surat

If you are a foodie and you are in Surat, you must not forget to visit Raja Food Court on the Ghod Dod Road. This market of Surat has more than 50 stalls which sell mount watering street food.

7. Night Market, Surat Thani

Night Market at Surat Thani
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The Night Market is one of the most popular markets in Surat Thani. Although it is a small market but worth visting. At this market you will find a lot of street food vendors offering sweets, chicken dishes, fish, veggies, fruits, drinks and a lot more. You can either take away or can sit down at a stall and enjoy the mouth watering food right there. You will also find some restaurants along the market. Apart from all kinds of food you can also get some good clothes, shoes, bags and cosmetics at this market.

8) Chauta Bazaar

If you are looking for cutlery items at an affordable price, Chauta Bazaar is the place to be in. At this market of Surat, you can get all types of cutlery items for your kitchen or to gift someone.

9) Baroda Prestige

Baroda Prestige
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For all the ladies who are willing to buy artificial ornaments and accessories, must plan a visit to Baroda Prestige. Here, at Baroda Prestige you can find artificial ornaments and a very affordable price. If you are good at bargaining, you might get even a better deal.

10) State Emporiums

Gujarati handicrafts are quite popular and if you want to buy them, you can visit any state emporium in Surat. There are many Gujarat State run emporiums in Surat. You can visit any one of the emporiums near to your place.

Textile Markets in Surat 

Apart from the Top 10 Markets in Surat, there are a lot more popular textile markets in Surat like Millennium textile market, Universal textile market, Radha Krishna textile market, Landmark textile market, Padmavati TeX market, Twin towers etc.

Diamond Markets in Surat

There also a few popular diamond markets in Surat including Varachha and Mahidharpura. At this market of Surat, you will find thousands of diamond merchants.

This is the complete list of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Surat. If you have any feedback or queries, you may leave your comments below.

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