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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Kanpur

The bustling streets of Kanpur are crowded and people throng the streets and markets in Kanpur to shop for the best items at cheap prices. Kanpur, being an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, promises affordable things and you can find many cheap markets in Kanpur. The Indian made clothing, handicrafts and jewellery made here are highly skillful. You can find superior quality handmade clothes especially Chikan Women’s Cloth. All this is sold in the Kanpur city region and has been motivated by the rich regional secular crowd here. Therefore, Kanpur is known as the cultural capital of the world and you can find the best markets in Kanpur as below.

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Kanpur
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10 Best Shopping Markets in Kanpur

Let’s check out the top 10 markets in Kanpur.

1) Sisamau Bazaar

Sisamau Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping markets in Kanpur and its streets are ever congested with people. Flocks of vendors sell their things on its busy street. It is an ideal spot to shop for many household needs. This shopping extravaganza is famous for apparels and mainly sarees, utensils and other essentials.Guaranteed to give proper value for money, it’s crowded streets however pose a challenge. If you are ready to fight and bargain this is for you. Get great deals on products and look for those extremely famous shoes and sarees in this market.

2) Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is the destination for colorful artifacts and one of the most famous markets in Kanpur. Its rustic charm will greatly appeal to your sensory organs. Indulge in a shopping spree and look for leather-based products like belts, suitcases, purses and shoes. The dirt cheap prices of the items give you the gift of abundant shopping. Add more color and diversity to your wardrobe as tourists can shop for sarees and gifts to take back home for loved ones.

3) Vikas Nagar Market

Food, groceries and clothes it is a holistic market that serves all your needs. You can shop for Sweets till you drop. Indian made clothes and handicrafts are found here. It is one of the best local markets in Kanpur.

4) Naveen Market

Naveen Market located at Colonelganj in Kanpur is best for cheap handicrafts and clothes. Indian made clothes and imported goods are a speciality for shopping. Owing to the variety of shop owners the time availability is not certain. About 12 kms from Kanpur airport and about 5 km from Kanpur Central railway station this market is highly accessible and you can shop here just before leaving.

5) Arya Nagar

Arya Nagar is an area that has plenty of grocery, leather goods and clothes for shopping. It is not just the biggest shopping area but also serves the aim to accomplish last minute shopping. It is one of the best markets in Kanpur.

6) Tilak Nagar

Tilak Nagar is one locality that facilitates the purpose of last minute shopping with its abundance in shopping items. The quality of goods are very great. These shops are also attributed with great leather products.

7) Swaroop Nagar

Swaroop Nagar is an area in Kanpur that is attributed with a fabulous leather product market and great grocery and clothes shops. One can also find Imported goods here. It is amongst the best leather markets in Kanpur.

8) Gumti No. 5

Gumti No. 5 is a market situated at National Highway 91, Kaushalpuri, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is one among the best street food areas in the city. It is also considered in the charts of top garment shops in this city. It is at a distance of about 10 Km from the airport and 7 from the railway station.

9) Vidyarthi Market

Unlike its name that refers to students, this market is very famous for Clothes. Indian clothing, handicrafts, jewellery are a specialty found in this region. They have always been well accepted by the people of the country and shops here receive orders from abroad as well.

10) Chapeda Pulia Market

Fruits, vegetables and groceries name it and you have it here. It is highly famous for a variety of eateries and natural bounty. It is one of the main markets in Kanpur for groceries. It is also one of the best wholesale markets in Kanpur for natural produce.

Shopping experiences in Kanpur are a positive talk topic. Mall Road, Naveen Market, PPN Market, Arya Nagar, Gumti no 5., Tilak Nagar and Swaroop Nagar markets are the most popular markets in the city and are very rich in clothes, food and handicrafts as well. Kanpur is popular for women’s clothing market and artistic handicraft works. Another crucial industry in Kanpur is the leather goods market where Leather products are found in many shapes and sizes. They can be of mixed and pure quality too. Leather products are incredibly cheap and affordable here. It is also worth the spending at the same time.

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