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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a famous tourist destination in India. There are many local markets in Darjeeling. Eons of tourists flock here to be enchanted by its natural beauty and imbibe the enchanted aroma from the tea garden. Unlike the cosy cold weather, Darjeeling is famous for shopping. You can shop decorative rare Himalayan items. The markets here are filled with several street shops. These shops are filled with many local items that tempt you to shop your heart out.

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Darjeeling
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10 Best Shopping Markets in Darjeeling

Let’s see the 10 top markets in Darjeeling listed as below:

1) Bhutia Market \ New Mahakal Market

Bhutia Market is very popular as one of the best markets in Darjeeling. If you wish to purchase genuine woollen stuff of this hill station, you cannot miss this place. It is also called as The new Mahakal market that has the statue of poet Bhanubhakta Acharya. How to reach here? To each here, just follow the common pedestrian road of the Mahakal Temple.

2) Chowk Bazaar \ Lower Bazaar

Why Chowk Bazaar?? Because it is the most reasonably priced market in all of Darjeeling. This Bazaar is also known as Lower Bazaar and is simply perfect place to shop, especially for woolen items. The Chowk Bazaar actually begins from Darjeeling head Post Office and stretches till the Darjeeling Railway Station. The Laden La road in Chowk Bazaar actually have many shops that sell garments, household products, bakery along with food products. Not just these, it is a live hub for electronics and groceries as well. The local folks of Darjeeling visit this place for their everyday needs as it the one of the best markets of Darjeeling. The most important part about this market in Darjeeling is all the stuff that is available here. They are less expensive with respect to the other elite markets. Lower Bazaar also offers unique local art and handicraft stuff. There are various craft centres and emporium in this market that are not only easily traceable but also give you a royal feeling. There are certain famous shopping complexes situated in this place are Dragon Market and Mahakal Market. After the local bazaars, do not miss out the small eateries that are just amazing to sit, relax and indulge in some yummy Darjeeling Tea.

3) Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre

Visit the Tibetan Self Help Center in Darjeeling is that is not just the best in the list of sightseeing in Darjeeling but also an awesome shopping arena. This Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre is the best place in Darjeeling to purchase carpets, jackets, scarves and various other gift items. This is the best rehabilitation Centre for the Tibetan refugees as well who make handicrafts and are good at craftsmanship and training of artisans.

4) Chowrasta Market \ Mall Road

Chowrasta or the Mall Road is one of the best markets in Darjeeling. It is one of the best local markets in Darjeeling. Shopping here can be an expensive affair for photography stuffs, books and Darjeeling tea.

5) Capital Market

It is one of the top markets in Darjeeling. The best part is that you can purchase all the things wooden or woolen at a very cheap price. Compare the prices offered here and get the bargain deals.

6) Dragon Market

This is one of the best markets of Darjeeling that sells fashion clothes from Bangkok. Things include T-Shirts, tops, shoes, frocks and stilettos. They also have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, finger rings, anklets and precious stones items.

7) Main Supermarket

It is one of the best super markets in Darjeeling. There are many supermarkets in this hill station. But this is the most important in terms of plenty of good quality and abundant fresh produce.

8) Nehru Road

Best place for woollen items (Angora Sweaters, Woollen Clothes and Shawls) and Curios. Other great winter items like the shawls, caps and sweaters, can also be shopped here apart from the colourful umbrellas and hand knitted sweaters.

9) Pashupati Nagar Market

This market is famous for Tibetan jewellery, wood carving, Brass statues and woven fabrics. The woollen stuff at the Mahakal Market are 100% authentic. There is no need to worry about the prices here because the woollen items in this market are dead cheap and too great when it comes to quality.

10) Batasia Loop Market

One of the best shopping markets in Darjeeling, it is the best market for Accessories. A perfect place to shop for stunning winter stuffs like the shawls, caps and sweaters. The best part is the price here which is quite reasonable.

When in Darjeeling make sure to visit all these bazaars. Do this not just for shopping but to also feel the warmth of the pure air in Darjeeling. When you plan to shop here, make sure to brush up your bargaining skills and then visit the best shopping markets in Darjeeling. So continue to go Shopping here!

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