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Majestic Ooty, a picture perfect hillside escape

Located in the Blue Mountains of the Western Ghats, Ooty is situated in the midst of lofty peaks, lush sprawls of never-ending valleys that vast hordes of biodiversity call home. The British Raj is said to have held this ‘town in the clouds’ near and dear to their heart – mostly because of its ever-inviting weather that beckons all to its cool embrace. The thought that comes to mind at first is that of pleasant evenings spent by the fire with loved ones, snugly wrapped in a warm blanket with a hot cup of chocolate (extra marshmallows), that certainly paints a picture with added rustic charm. Ooty is a place that isn’t just meant for campfire-potatoes, as inviting as that maybe, but it’s also a place where, if you have a passion for the outdoors and all that mother nature has to share, you get to lace those boots up and take a deep breath.

As you will find out soon enough, it is the land of numerous picnic spots, where all that is needed is a good pair of eyes and a few good hands to make the most out on this tranquil version of nature’s golf course. It is home to the Nilgiri mountain range, which is one of the last great saturation spots for a vast assortment of flora and fauna in India, some of which is indigenous to this region alone.

Ooty Resorts:

Sterling Resort, Ooty
Sterling Resort, Ooty by Deepak Bhatia

As you journey higher up, either on its celebrated miniature (toy) train or through its winding roads – you come upon an ethereal, unspoilt and isolated landscape that’s calmer, cooler and greener than the crowded town below. The ‘Queen of the Hills’ is a charming blend of Indian bustle, Hindu temples with fetching Raj-bungalows and hotels, all side-by-side, that make it a rivalled place to visit. There are many Ootyresorts like Destiny Farm Resort, Elk Hill Sterling Holiday Resort and Fortune Retreat Resort which will enable you to step outside the comfort of your chosen accommodation and experience the rush that comes only from the great outdoors.

Places to visit in Ooty:

Emerald Lake:

Emerald Lake, Ooty
Emerald Lake, Ooty by Sankara Subramanian

This just so happens to be one the favourite destinations for all types of tourists that visit this region. It’s located a mere 25 km from the town of Ooty and is home to a variety of birds and fish. What gives it more of an interesting visual is the fact that it is nestled amongst lush tea plantations, making for a great sunrise/sunset picture moment too.

Avalanche Lake:

Avalanche Lake, Ooty
Avalanche Lake, Ooty by Wikipedia

This is a definite hot spot for avid trekkers, and if that’s not you, well fret not – even if you just want a smaller bite of the great outdoors, this is the place for you. The deciduous forest that wreaks with the addictively musky smell of pine and earth surrounds the lake – very inviting!

And some more!

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden, Ooty
Botanical Garden, Ooty by Wikimedia

Ooty is also home to the first Botanical gardens of India, a Honeybee museum, a Tea and Coffee Museum, Wax World Museum, the M&N chocolate museum, Needle Rock view point, Lady Canning’s Seat, and Mukurti Peak to name a few of the Ootytourist places. But, as you can imagine, the list goes on and on.

There are many ways to get to Ooty no matter which place you call home, the closest being a trip from Coimbatore or Bangalore to Ooty, which can be reached by road through a rather comfortable bus journey.

So no matter what catches your fancy, this humble yet enchanting town will always have something to offer.

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