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Reasons to Plan Your Next Holidays to Havelock Island

If you want to unwind by the enormous ocean and numbing beauty, far from the hustle and the bustle of city life, then Havelock Island is the best place you must head to.

Havelock is situated on the east of Andaman. It is dotted with exotic coral reef, serene while beaches and dense forests. This tropical destination is a secrete paradise, blessed with abundance of natural gorgeousness.

It is a perfect holiday destination for those who are always stressed with work, family and home responsibilities. One can easily get lost into the tranquility of this island by taking a two and half an hour of ferry trip from Port Blair to Havelock Island.

Reasons to Plan Your Next Holidays to Havelock Island

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Reasons to Visit Havelock Island

Night Diving and Bioluminescent Waves – Night diving on Havelock Island is surrealistically adventurous. You need to be a strong hearted person to swim in the dark sea and explore the underwater world. This island is the India’s most popular diving capital, and has travelers from around the world visiting it during the peak season.

It is one place where you can enjoy the marine life to the fullest. Using a flash light, you’ll be able to witness lazy lobsters resting at the seabed and swarm of fish passing by you. Once you are into the aquatic mode, you’ll easily lose sense of direction, and thus it is better to stay close to the group you are diving with. The bioluminescent waves are quite appealing. You’ll be amazed at the sparkling sea wave after the sunset.

Sunset By the Radhanagar beach – Basking in the glory of striking sunset while sipping on your favorite cocktail can take away all your metal and physical stress. Radhanagar is one of the best beaches in whole of Asia.

The white grainy sand leads the way to crystal clear blue seawater for the city dweller to sooth their soar eyes. The enthusiast travelers enjoy the beach to the fullest. The beauty of this beach is quite captivating, and will make you want to visit it often.

Revitalize Your Senses at the Vijaynagar Beach – This beach is lined with coconut trees. Its idyllic beauty is the best holiday destination for travelers who long to lie on the beach sprawling in the nature and read a book. You’ll love the sound of splashing waves and peaceful environment, unlike the noisy city.

The Exotic Kalapathar beach – It is rocky beach and has the remnants of the forest, which got washed away in the tsunami. It has the rustic charm that intensifies the Kalapathar beach’s natural and mysterious beauty.

Havelock Island has tranquil environment that will work magic on your. The white sand, blazing sun and the clear blue sea will sway you off your feet. Easily accessible through ground and sea, you’ll hardly have any challenges reaching this mind-blowing destination.

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