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Explore Different Shades of Life at These 5 Places Around the World

Explore Different Shades of Life at These 5 Places Around the World
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“A true traveller never arrives.” –Edgar Degas

There is so much going around the world, and yet most of us miss it by sitting in our comfort zones. There’s a lot to see, explore, feel, and remember,but all we do is visit the same beach we love or climb the same mountain we find beautiful every year. Ironically, we do it with the hashtag wanderlust. Doesn’t it get mundane to visit the same type of places, eat the same type of food, and admire the same beautiful view again and again? This is not being wanderlust people, as your travel diary doesn’t have the word ‘wander’ in it. Visiting the same type of places every year is not wandering.

If you too come under this category, it’s time to pack your bags and explore the places which offer different cultures and lifestyle. Following are five such places where you can go and explore something new:

1. Cambodia

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Situated between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is a land of rice and fish. You would find yourself eating on a mat on the floor if you visit a traditional family. It is their culture that adult males and guests eat first and after them, the rest of the family eats. Lunch and dinner would be a combination of vegetables, meat, rice, and fish while in breakfast you would be having rice noodles or rice porridge. If you visit Cambodia during festival season, you will get to have seasoned dishes like curries, a fish sauce which is quite spicy, and stir-fries. These dishes take a lot of time to prepare,and each family takes one of these dishes to a temple and serve itto the monks. They say it brings good luck.

Speaking of luck, Cambodians believe in showing off their wealth. At one time, when banks weren’t there, people used to wear expensive jewellery to mark their status. Some people still follow it. Cambodians also make houses as per their class; poor people live in a house built of bamboos, middle-class people live in a wooden house while the rich make their house from concrete. Cambodia is worth a visit to see the diversity in the country.

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2. Belgium

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There are many reasons to visit Europe and culture is one of the most crucial ones. Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is famous for its medieval towns. Two of such towns are Bruges and Ghent. They are known for their amazing architecture, paintings, and like Venice, canals. A boat trip of the Bruges through the canals is a must do activity. And when you’re in Ghent, you shouldn’t miss the antique shops and interior designing stores.

If you’re an art lover, Ghent is a paradise for you. Both Bruges and Ghent are rich in fine arts.They are a hub of some very famous artwork like ‘The Ghent Altarpiece’ and ‘Madonna of Bruges’. Visit these two towns to experience the ancient era.

3. Japan

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Japan is a land of shrines and ancient temples. Famous for its heritage, Japan has tried its best to save the culture. Japanese is the language which people speak, and it won’t be easy for you to find a person who can effortlessly converse in English.

Japan is the second largest music market across the world. A karaoke bar is a must visit if you want to take a feel of the authentic music. People mostly follow Buddhism there, so you would find many Buddhist sculptures. Shintoism is another primary religion there. Two of the must-do activities in Japan are a visit to their temples for some soul soothing experience and their traditional restaurants for some delicious cuisine.

4. Greece

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This is the place where western civilisation started 4000 years back. It is also the origin of government by the people, trial by jury, and equality under the law. Greece has some beautiful cities as well as islands where a glimpse of ancient Greek architecture and amazingly good Mediterranean cuisine can be found. Old temples and theatres are still conserving the heritage and architecture of ancient Greece. It is also one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. Needless to say, but do go for wine tasting sessions in vineyards.

Greeks are quite religious,and most of them visit churches at least once a month. Greek Orthodox Church is the major community when it comes to religion in Greece. If you want to explore a nation which hasa great history, Greece is just the perfect one!

5. Bhutan

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Bhutan is one of the most culturally-rich places and has successfully avoided any outside influence on its culture. In fact, foreigners weren’t even allowed to visit Bhutan till sometime back. Bhutan is known for its beauty too, thanks to the Himalayan region.

Dzongkha and Sharchop are the languages that Bhutanese speak which are quite ancient. Bhutanese follow Buddhism and are known to be one of the most religious people. You would find many monasteries in Bhutan and a visit there would be a calming experience. To know more about the culture, just have a word with any of the monks present there. They’ll guide you best about the country and the places that you must visit to have a culturally rich experience.

Last, But Not the Least:

There’s no greater bliss than exploring the nuances of the world. Before packing your bags and making bookings; however, the first thing you need to do is buy travel insurance. This insurance will cover you against every possible travel contingency including personal liabilities, flight cancellations, an extension of stay and hospitalisation bills. You can easily purchase travel insurance in India online, which will only take a few moments.


These were the five places where you can go for diversity.Now you just need to pack your bags, book a ticket and visit these amazing places. So, hurry up and purchase your travel insurance, and hop on to the journey of your life.

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