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Maruti Jimny: Automobile Giant gearing to launch upgraded Gypsy

Maruti Jimny, Automobile Giant gearing to launch upgraded Gypsy

Once upon a time, Gypsy used to be the flag bearer vehicle of the Maruti company in India. It is still trying to stage a comeback via Jimny route. Jimny is the upgraded version of erstwhile Gypsy which is ready to take a number of SUV in Indian markets head-on.

The Suzuki Jimny had already been in the global market for a long time. It is like cult followers in the UK alone. There are thousands of owners feel proud of in owning it.

The Jimny SUV will be levelled in India as a low level, but an upgraded SUV. It will be placed between the old Gypsy and the existing Grand Vitara models.

The model which will find its way in India, of the Jimny SUV will be powered by a 1.3-litre engine, it is said. That engine derives its benefits from variable valve timing. This ensures lively performance to the machine and helps to attain a greater fuel economy.

The engine will use 85PS of optimum power which will convert to 109Nm of peak torque.

The Jimny will be equipped with push-button as well as four-wheel drive in certain versions. It will display high and low gear ratios. To sum it up, it will be a compact, light and responsive machine.

Interiors on the upgraded Gypsy, known as Jimny has been made to offer good quality fit and finish. Its dashboard, though simple in look, yet will be elegant.

The seats of Jimny will take care of comforts and ergonomics. They will provide good support and will be supposed to properly cushioned. The travellers could expect enough legroom in the front and back. It will provide a nice amount of headroom too.

The driving seat of the Jimny has been designed to take care of an upright and commanding driving position. Moreover, it will offer the optimum visibility of the road to the driver.

Although we do not know about the exact interior the Jimny might offer some normal features like automatic climate control, touchscreen infotainment. It may also go for the multi-functional steering wheel, based on its feedback.

Most importantly, the SUV Jimny may deliver about 15 kmpl mileage in city and 20 kmpl on the highway, in optimum driving conditions

It will be powered by disc brakes to the front wheels and assembling the drum brakes to the rear ones. Some versions of Jimny might be offered with features like ABS, EBD, dual front airbags, hill start assist, etc.

The top speed of Jimny is said to be in the range of 130-135 kmph. Moreover, it is capable to pick up 0-100 kmph in 13-14 seconds. The gearbox is smooth and one can shifts gears quickly like other Maruti Suzuki cars.

The high-speed stability of the new SUV looks good and it is easy to negotiate or manoeuvre corners. High ground clearance means you do not need to worry over the potholes or unscientifically-designed speed breakers on the roads.

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