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Monsoon may hit North India on this weekend from June 29 onwards

Monsoon may hit North India on this weekend from June 29 onwards

New Delhi: The monsoon has penetrated into most parts of central India on with a lot of movement for the second day after it did not show any worthwhile activity for the last ten or so days.

The scientists at Met office, are hopeful that this advancement will continue now. The rain-bearing system is expected to cover other areas of northern part of India, including Delhi, from June 29 to July 1 next.

The met department says that quite a considerable intensity pre-monsoon showers will lash north India certainly from Tuesday or Wednesday.

The monsoon now has entered south part of the state of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. It is advancing further into the different regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

About the advance of monsoon in central India, the India Meteorological Department said, that it will be expected to continue in the ensuing two days.

The monsoon had eluded since June 12. It is an unusually long period, basically due to adverse conditions in the Indian Ocean, from where the rain-laden winds originate.

This has resulted in a countrywide rainfall shortfall in the range of 11 per cent, it is said by experts.

The Meteorological department is certain to get quite a considerable rainfall in the next few days. That will wipe out much of the deficit by the end of this month, claimed M Mohapatra, of IMD.

The monsoon in India is still in its advancing stage. It is moving north and westwards into the India subcontinent and covers the entire country normally by the middle of July.

The department is hopeful to receive a positive spell of monsoon in the sowing month of July. It has forecasted more than 100 per cent rainfall although the forecast for the period of June-September period is three per cent lower of the normal range.

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