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New York Giants Fight Breaks Out In Training Camp and What It Means

In every training camp, there is nothing that is always smooth sailing. There will always be some bumps along the road, though. The New York Giants have been one of the worst teams in the NFL over the last decade and have made it to the playoffs only once.

New York had a training camp fight that escalated over the last week, which is sometimes not a good sign. For New York Giants fans that know it will be rough going for them this year, they can go check out the World Cup Odds in the meantime. What does this fight mean for the New York Giants moving forward?

There Is Nothing Wrong With Competing

Punches were exchanged by center Jon Feliciano, linebacker Cam Brown and offensive line coach Bobby Brown also got involved in the fight. There is nothing wrong with a fight breaking out because it shows the best in people.

However, the fact that it happened isn’t good, and here is why. The first reason is that they are fed up with the quarterback play, and it shows they might be bad once again this season, and the football team knows it.

The second reason is those kinds of dumb mistakes can cost you football games like the New York Giants.

They Know They Need a Better Leader

Daniel Jones is entering his fourth season as the New York Giants quarterback, and he has had a horrendous training camp up to this point. Jones has not shown any signs of improvement or leadership at all.

Daniel Jones is what he is at this point. A backup quarterback at best in the NFL.

Tyrod Taylor would be a nice bridge gap option, and so would Jimmy Garoppolo, though. Jimmy Garoppolo is a leader inside a locker room. He took the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship Game last season before losing to the Los Angeles Rams and also Super Bowl LIV before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Garoppolo would bring the New York Giants some wins in 2022 that Daniel Jones might not be able to bring on his own terms. Speaking of own terms, the 2022 World Cup is right around the corner, and maybe New York Giants fans might be interested in that too because they know they may be bad this season because of poor quarterback play by Daniel Jones.

This allows general manager Joe Schoen/head coach Brian Daboll to draft their own quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft, though.

Bad Teams Continue To Do Bad Things

When you have made it to the playoffs in the past ten seasons, bad things will continue to happen until they are changed, and you start winning games in the regular season and win over your fanbase, though. That is all the New York Giants fanbase wants.

Fights will constantly break out in practice because of it, and it is never a good sign when stuff like this happens over and over again.

World Cup Soccer 2022 will not have many fights because if it did, there would be red cards and ejections all over the place, though. When fights break out in NFL games, it either results in 15-yard penalties and can cost you a drive, a series, or a game.

Also, a player can potentially be ejected from the game. The brawl also turned into a funny meme over the internet, but it is also not a laughing matter though.

What Are Brian Daboll/Joe Schoen Thinking

Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen were both from the Buffalo Bills organization and were hired to fix this franchise as the head coach and general manager in lockstep. Daboll and Schoen must be ripping their hair out about the offensive, struggling in training camp, leading to these fights.

They know that Daniel Jones isn’t the long-term quarterback solution, and they were kind of forced by owner John Mara in him for at least this season.

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