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Odisha to set up largest coronavirus hospital in the country

As the coronavirus epidemic takes a toll on the country, the Odisha government mentioned today that they are readying the setup process for the biggest hospital dedicated to COVID-19 in India. This hospital shall have 1000 beds that will be open for use within a fortnight, as confirmed from ANI reports.

Accordingly, on Thursday, the state’s government signed two agreements with KIMS and SUM Medical Colleges located in Bhubaneswar for the set-up process for the hospital which will also be a part of the state capital.

Further, the OMC (Odisha Mining Corporation) and the MCL (Mahanadi Coalfields Limited) will bring in CSR funding for this project. The very first MoU was signed by Nikunja Bihari Dhal (Health Secretary), KIIMS Management, as well as Vyneel Krishna (OMC’s MD) for the setup of a hospital that would have 450 beds for the possible COVID-19 patients.

On the other hand, the 2nd MoU was agreed upon by MCL Health Secretary S.S. Panda and the SUM Hospital management for a setup of the 500-bed hospital that comes with ICU facilities as well. As of now, the total confirmed cases in the country have climbed up to a whopping 649 as of Thursday. The overall death toll also surged to a total of 13.

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