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Pay LIC through Credit Card

Pay LIC through Credit Card

You must be searching for how to Pay LIC through Credit Card. Credit card was introduced to avoid losing the money or avoid taking money with you. Credit Card was also invented for the online transaction process. Now there are many ways to protect your credit card. You can link it with either VISA or the master card for security purposes.

Life Insurance Corporation offers the facility of paying the LIC premium or the amount online. This process is referred as the online payment of the bill. As a matter of fact, you can pay your bill online to the LIC by transferring money through your credit card. Don’t worry about the security of the transaction as LIC has taken steps to have a secure transaction.

LIC also provides you with the facility of paying the money through credit card in their branch offices as well. As soon as you check the amount in your bank the transaction process is finished. By the use of the credit cards, you can pay the bill online too. This process will help you in saving some time.

Another advantage to pay LIC premium by Credit Card is that you can pay the bill instantly. One more benefit is that there is no necessity of visiting the branch office to pay the bill. One can simply make the payment from his house or from office.

If you forget to pay the bill till the due date, you do not need to rush to the bank to pay the bill. Instead of that you can make the payment online through your credit card. One more thing is that when you have a credit card to pay online, you will be able to avoid standing in a long queue to make the payment. Another benefit is that when you make payment via credit card, you can get the tax exemption.

So, make sure you have a credit card to make the payment without last minute tensions and long queues !

How to pay LIC Premium through Credit Card ?

For the convenience of customers, LIC is equipped with online payment gateway to help its customers to make a payment with a single click of button. Do remember that the online payment facility is available only for registered customers who have already enrolled their policies for such payments.

LIC Premiums can be paid by :

  1. Net-banking (using Internet Banking Credentials).
  2. Debit Cards.
  3. Credit Card payment.

Steps for making Online Payments for LIC :

1. First, Enroll the policy to make premium payments online.
2. Then, Select the policy for which you want to make the payment.
3. After you log in, a page will open with multiple bank options for payment.
4. Select the bank of your choice by which you want to pay online.
5. Now, you need to Log in to the bank site with net- banking user name and password.
6. After that you need to specify the total amount to be paid to LIC.
7. Verify the amount and confirm the transaction to complete it.
8. Please wait for successful transactions to flash on the screen.
9. Once the payment goes through, Customer will get a digitally signed e-receipt which will be emailed to their respective email id.
10. Don’t forget to Verify the digital signature on the e-receipt.

Benefits of Online Payment for LIC :

1. There is No time lag from the date of payment to obtaining of receipts.
2. A secure arrangement as data is not shared with any 3rd person.
3. Free service i.e., No charges to avail this facility.

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