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Reasons to Spend most of your time in Madh Island when in Mumbai

Everyone who loves Mumbai loves it for its sea, chill vibes and interesting people. The city of dreams has something magical in its hold, and it pulls people towards it, year after year. Even the tourists are marvelled at the way the city welcomes and entertains them.Reasons to Spend most of your time in Madh Island when in Mumbai

However, people who love Mumbai also hate it for its traffic, incessant noise, overcrowded streets, sprawling slums, and let’s not forget it, for its lack of space. It is true that travelling to Mumbai, the city, does not make for the most relaxing holiday.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Mumbai is full of places, which are rich in scenic beauty and have immense peace and relaxation to offer. One such place is Madh Island. Located in northern Mumbai, this group of fishing villages and farmlands has a lot to do and is the ideal place to relax and enjoy your weekend. So, the next time you’re wondering where to stay in Mumbai, Madh Island is the answer!

Here are five reasons you must go to Madh Island when in Mumbai:


1. The Madh Fort


This fort is also called Versova Fort, and is about 15 kilometres from Malad. If you come via Versova, you can reach with the help of a ferry boat. This fort has quite a history behind it as it was built by the Portuguese near Madh village. Originally built as a watch tower, it offers a great view of the coast and Marve Creek. Even though it is almost in ruins, it looks proper from outside. Under the jurisdiction of the Indian Air Force, the fort has an Indian Air Force base near it.

2. Beach



Who doesn’t love beaches? Madh Island has a beach of its own, called the Madh Beach! It is secluded on weekdays, which means it is the best time to relax and enjoy without too many people around. The clean sand and friendly waters allow a great location for picnics and beach games.


3. Fish lovers


Fish lovers will especially enjoy their time here. As Madh Island is a group of fishing villages, it is rich in various types of fish. In fact, its specialty is dried and salted fish. The best part about this is that the rates are very low as they’re locally fished and prepared. Here, one can indulge in delicious fish preparations that even the top ten restaurants of Mumbai cannot prepare!

4. Shacks

Along with a clean beach, Madh also offers fun shacks. The shacks here are very popular as they give people an opportunity to chill and relax with great food and beverages. People can spend quality time with their family and friends without burning a hole in their pockets.


5. Madh Church


When it comes to architectural marvels, Madh has plenty of those as well. The Our Lady of the Sea Church, more popularly known as Madh Church, has beautiful paintings and an interesting structure. Another famous church is the 500-year-old St Bonaventure Church. Even though it is in ruins now, it is a fine specimen of Portuguese architecture, and people still visit it to offer their prayers.

So, the next time, instead of spending hours in Mumbai traffic, consider visiting this bewitching farmland and enjoy your time in tranquility. If you’re not staying in a luxury hotel like The LaLiT Mumbai, the next best option is to stay in a sprawling peaceful village, like this one.

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