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Top 10 NGOs in Mumbai

Mumbai is the home to some of the richest billionaires in India and the city of dreams, hopes, contradictions and opportunities. Having billionaires on one end, the city is a home to Asia’s largest slums – Dharavi. One of the biggest cities in India full of Bollywood and fashion industry glamour as well as a lot of problems to begin with child labor, human trafficking and much more along with some issues that are getting out of hand and need to be dealt with immediately.

Top 10 NGOs in Mumbai
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Top 10 NGOs in Mumbai

There is a number of NGO’s that deal with these problems and be a helping hand for the needy. You can either take up a summer internship by applying to them online or contact them by sending your CV’s to email id’s mentioned on their official website and volunteer for a good cause in the top 10 NGO’s in Mumbai:

1) Door Step School

Placed their main focus on primary education and provides primary education to underprivileged sections of the society. The team takes education to the doorstep of these children either in the slums, streets or pavements and offers classes between age group of 3-14 years along with flexible timings. If you like teaching, this NGO in Mumbai for teaching is a suitable option for you.

2) Child Rights & You (CRY)

This NGO in Mumbai for child labour works towards right’s of children through various programs of free primary education, healthcare, nutrition, safe houses and away from child labour, abuse and violence. They do a lot of partnering with other NGO’s as well.

3) Teach for India

This NGO in Mumbai is for child education, a non-profit organization that works in the educational sector for removing inequality and is a part of the global Teach For All network. This community creates alumni including advocates and other people to help them educate the society.

4) Lawyers Collective

The lawyers collective is a group that works with disadvantaged communities and provides legal recourse. This NGO in Mumbai for internships helps you learn a lot and further educate people about the same. Lawyer’s collective currently works with Women rights, HIV patients, sexually marginalized group and Rights to medicines.

5) Indian Cancer Society

The NGO is the first voluntary, non-profit organization for cancer awareness, cure and detection., It works on various levels to help people fight cancer. The NGO in Mumbai for volunteering is the best if you want to work closely with people who are fighting cancer and be a ray of hope in their lives.

6) Vanashakti

The Mumbai-based non-profit environmental NGO places their focus on area of forests, mangroves, wetland production and eduction schools for both urban and rural children. The NGO in Mumbai is for an environment and if you think you can make a difference in protecting the environment go ahead and volunteer for this one.

7) Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action (SNEHA)

This NGO works on women’s health that is essential to build a strong community in the urban areas. It target mainly the health areas for maternal, newborn health, sexual and reproductive health, etc. This NGO in Mumbai offers internships for more women to offers a helping hand.

8) Fandry Foundation

This NGO was started taking inspiration from a Marathi movie Fandry that creates awareness of education between the tribal people and provides various books, clothing and stationary to children.


The NGO is a sphere of primary education for children. They help build partners and mentors in ensuring NGO’s to fulfill their mission by providing good quality education to the underprivileged. They have some top notch mentors and wide range of partners all over to provide them with all the necessary support they require to do what they do the best!

10) Paryay

The NGO provides support and aid to the rural communities in Maharastra. They work on various themes starting from women empowerment to rights to land, child education, village governance, etc.

By volunteering you can really help these NGO’s in various roles like fund raising, getting them sponsors for various events, helping them digitally market their NGO, public relations, communication design and event management. Go on and volunteer in these top NGOs in Mumbai and help make a change in the society.

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