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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mumbai

The business capital of India – Mumbai, needs no introduction but one must explore and choose from the best to celebrate this very special day. The place should be something which suits your mood, style, taste and over and above must be romantic. Selecting the best for you amongst the endless list of places in Mumbai will be exhaustive. We will try to make it little easier and make it simple. It will be effortless for you do decide once you go through it.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mumbai

Make the day unforgettable for both of you and let the bond between your relationships enhance.

1) Dome Intercontinental – Churchgate

Dome Intercontinental – Churchgate
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Situated at Churchgate and perfect place to get a panoramic view of the sea and at the same time spend the time with your lady love with light music and delicious food. In addition enjoy your glass of globally acclaimed wine.  Be it in during the day or the night, the ambiance and the freshness of the place will be the same to cherish the Valentine’s Day forever.

2) Gallops – Mahalaxmi Race Course

Gallops – Mahalaxmi Race Course
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Unbeatable lush green Mahalaxmi Race Course situated Gallop is a showcase of Retro ambiance and the Indian and continental food served here will keep the excitement on throughout. If at all you settle for a candle light dinner you will not forget the moment.

3) Bay View – Colaba

Bay View - Colaba
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Sea lovers will never forget the moments spent here at the Colaba with three side sea views and the spectacular view of the “Gateway of India”. The drinks, food, and wind blowing slowly over the candles in the night set the perfect stage for Valentine’s night.

4) Café Mangii – Powai

Café Mangii - Powai
PC : www.buzzintown.com

The Italian style lake facing restaurant with the appropriate seating and ambiance can make your day. Your partner will love the flower bouquet, the view, and the delicacies of Italian cuisine, the exotic wine, and the soul soothing music. Treat your partner with the best of the culinary wonders. All these mind blowing combination which is low to your pocket as well.

5) Yauatcha – Bandra East

Yauatcha – Bandra East

Situated in the Bandra Kurla complex, this place is the epitome of Harmony with the natural ecosystem. Based on the ancient Chinese philosophy and interpretation of Hong Kong this place will be an experience of a lifetime with its wide variety of Chinese food, drink, and culture.

6) Ellipsis – Colaba

Ellipsis - Colaba

They always and this time as well will surely surprise you with their menu. They will bring that surprise element in the menu to make your evening amazingly interesting, with their crispy pita, and caramelized walnuts.  A bunch of roses finely knit with a perfect bow in a bouquet, the ambiance, and the décor is perfectly set for an occasion like Valentine’s Day.

7) Pali Village Café – Pali Hill

Pali Village Café - Pali Hill
PC : www.tejalmathurdesign.in

Situated at Bandra West this place has, over a period of time, made its name with the rustic interiors, dimly lit ambiance, the exposed walls, and the lush greenery.  All this calls for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day and enjoys the exquisite wines, the appetizers, and the mesmerizing music. Look no further should the motto when you visit the place.

8) Hakkasan – Bandra West

Hakkasan – Bandra West
PC : www.comedyflavors.com

Situated at the Waterfield Road the restaurant is designed to make the most popular destination for people with supreme taste and style. The English Oak screens, the 16-meter blue glass and stainless steel bar, and seating for 120 guests and at the same time private dining area makes it the absolute destination for the occasion.

9) Gostana – Bandra West

Gostana - Bandra West
PC : www.eveningflavors.com

If you are a junk food lover and want the day to be spent in the presence of both the loves of your life – Lady Love and Junk food then this place is the perfect place. You can just sit along with your partner and enjoy the solitude and the yummy burger. Relax and celebrate both the day and the quaint little place with your companion.

10) Bungalow 9 – Bandra West

Bungalow 9 – Bandra West
PC : www.zomato.com

The unsophisticated rustic atmosphere, the greenery reaching the sky and just touching the sunlight, the mix of filtered sunlight and the slow wind blowing during the afternoon, wine, the multi-cuisine menu and the presence of the most important person in your life. What a day it could be at a place like this. The ethos of life is not where you celebrate the day but how you celebrate the day.

The day or may be the night can be celebrated at any of these places but the quintessence lies in the fact that how you celebrate. You may spend the day at the most exotic of the places or destinations but that simple rose flower presented with the passion and affection will be the most memorable one. The treatment matters and not the matter, the feelings remain and dreams come true.

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