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5 Essential Tips to Travel in India on Budget

India is one of the world’s most affordable and impressive tourist destinations as it has an exciting history, rich culture, fascinating architectural wonders, strong spirituality, and authentic cuisine. If u want to experience all these but been too afraid about the consequences on your bank balance? Don’t worry,  witha little careful planning you crave to wander the country without putting a dent in your wallet as India offers experiences at prices for all types of travelers including budget travelers, backpackers, and luxury as well. While in India, one can survive easily on just 1000 rupees per day, including accommodation, domestic travel, food, sightseeing and of course, souvenir shopping! Here are some useful tips as suggested by Trawell.in on how to travel in India on a Budget.

1. Travel in the Off-Season

One of the best tips for budget trips in India is to plan your vacation in the low season. Being a tropical country, the best time to visit India is from November to February where tourists from around the world flock to the country. While May to October is considered as the low season and is suitable for budget travelers as the prices are lower. Due to the onset of the monsoon and the lesser number of sunny days, many resorts and airlines offer drastic discounts as much as 40% during this time. Another big advantage of traveling to India during the off-season is lesser crowds at various beaches and attractions. 

2. Opt for Local Transport

Transportation is one of the most prohibitive costs for holidaying in India. If your chosen holiday destination is around 8-14 hours away, you can opt for traveling by bus or train instead of flights or hiring a car. Buses are a good option for shorter distances between cities while trains are one of the most economical ways to get around, especially for long distances. Another way of saving money is by traveling overnight by train or bus for long haul distance as you can save time and also the cost of a hotel. To commute with in the city, try to take local buses instead of rickshaws which costs as low as 10 rupees for 30 minutes. Instead of hiring a complete taxi or rickshaw, opt for sharing rides with people from railway stations and bus stations to the place you want to visit if no local bus is available. Rent a scooter is, even more, cheaper in places that have no local buses.

3. Eat Like a Veggie in India

India is not an expensive destination when it comes to food but in bigger cities and tourist places, food can be expensive at times. The fabulous choice of Indian vegetarian food is the best choice when you want to stay on budget. In general, if you eat at local restaurants you would get a meal for about 100 rupees on average easily ordering either a thali or a bowl of rice and veg curry with roti. Finding local restaurants in bigger and mid-sized cities is quite easy whereas in smaller towns it is harder as every restaurant is set up for tourists. Be prepared to explore and go beyond the touristy parts of small towns. Want to go even cheaper? Stick to street food, although mostly deep-fried and unhealthy you can get a couple of samosas or a handful of momos for 10-20 rupees or a chai for 5 rupees. Whenever buying street food, apply the same assessment of cleanliness standards as you would anywhere. To reduce the risk, always avoid deserted restaurants and eat at places that have a lot of people.

4. Bargain & Shop Smart

It is hard to pull yourself away from the amazing bazaars in India! Getting lured by exciting products at tourist hotspots is usual but it takes real resistance to avoid getting tricked at such markets. The price that is offered to a tourist is much higher than the regular/local price. You can take the smart road and start negotiating at half price and take it from there, but do it respectfully and don’t start bargaining over things you have no intention of buying!  Instead, head to local flea markets, where you can strike good bargains. If you like something, don’t immediately buy it from the first stall. Walk around and check out all as there will be more vendors selling the same item for a cheaper price. Even while on the trip, avail your Indian bargaining skills with the auto people and merchandise shops.

5. Book All-inclusive Packages

How to be smart about traveling on a budget? There are many small things you can do that will make a lot of difference such as opting for complete packages that include airport transfers, local sightseeing, accommodation, meals, drinks, and activities which will save you from additional expenses. It is the better option for budget travelers as it saves you the headache of having to plan your vacation and figure out what to do or where to stay. They also are more cost-effective and you know exactly how much you will be spending beforehand. For better deals check out reliable tour operators listed on Travelgny.com.

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