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Stephen Hawkings’ voice beamed towards the nearest black hole into space

Stephen Hawkings’ voice to be aired on space

London: A message from Stephen Hawking was be beamed towards the nearest black hole into space as his mortal remains were laid to rest in London’s Westminster Abbey today.

As the ashes of the astrophysicist are interred, featuring his famous synthesised voice beamed into space by the Space Agency.

This looks to be a beautiful gesture which will create a better link between our ancestors’ presence on this planet. His wish to go into space has transformed the dreams of many others while explorations of the universe were there in his mind, his daughter Lucy Hawking explained.

The professor had been in a wheelchair, and who dedicated his work to unravel the mysteries of the universe. He fought to overcome his disability with full zeal. He will be buried by the graves of his fellow science greats Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

The broadcast will be on air towards the nearest black hole. It is 1A 0620-00, which resides in a binary system with an ordinary orange dwarf star, it is said. It will be a message of peace and hope, unity and the need to live in harmony on this planet. Hawking had captured the imagination of millions around the world and breathed his last on March 14 while he was 76.

Known as a celebrity by his book, released in 1988– A Brief History of Time, a worldwide bestseller, Hawking’s genius and wit had won him fans from far beyond the rarefied world of astrophysics. An unimaginable number of tributes poured on his death from Queen Elizabeth II to NASA, which reflect his popularity as a scientist and a beacon of hope for people affected by motor neurone disease.

The British government has declared that exceptional students in mathematics and physics can compete for research fellowships in the memory of Hawking’s. Around 1,000 members of the public drawn from more than 100 countries will be attending the service, selected in an online ballot in which 25,000 applied.

The track which will be aired will feature Hawking’s voice mixed with music which was written by Greek composer Vangelis. A number of researchers in the field of astronomy, Tim Peake and Martin Rees, along with actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who had acted as Hawking in a documentary film and narrated his movies, will deliver addresses.

The arena will remain open to the public free of charge after the service to enable people to pay their respects at his grave.

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