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Sundar Ramu aka Dating King – The man who Dates for a Noble Cause!

Everyone have good and bad things and thoughts within them. But when good overcomes the bad you do good positive and motivating things. You not only do act positively for yourselves and for your beloved but do a lot of noble things for strangers, thus serve mankind. Humans are social in nature and they do things which ultimately help the society and fulfill a social cause. History has seen legends doing things, sacrificing their lives for the good cause and social reforms. You also can do your bit just like this Chennai-based Photographer and actor, Mr.Sundar Ramu, did!

Sundar Ramu – The Dating King of India

Sundar lives in Chennai, India dates women across the Globe and has plans to date 365 women a year. He already had dated 110 women in a span of four months since Jan’ 2015. It all started when Sundar, the young smart guy started feeling alone and spending time with the crowd, as his profession asks him to live in a crowd, was not satisfying for him. He decided to explore life and people, lots of them, and real lively people. Maybe he was looking for an emotional connect when he decided to date women. Of course, he never was looking forward to a relationship.

Sundar Ramu Dating King
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Initially, he started dating women around his neighbourhood and people he knew. A very strange clause in his dating was any women dating him have to take him for the date and pay for the meal. She has the option of cooking herself also.

Sundar’s Dates

He dated his Sweeper- Chandra who, a mother of three cooked for him and both of them ate the food under the shade of trees in the apartment he resides. He also dated a woman who picks garbage in his building. The list is endless with the youngest woman being 21 years and the oldest 105 years old woman from a village near Pondicherry.

Sundar Ramu - Dating King of India
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Sunder took the pain of driving ten hours on his own to meet the date and come back. Sundar has on his list of dates the famous actress- Shriya Saran, dancer-choreographer Rukmini Vijaykumar, DMK leader Stalin’s wife, Mrs. Durga Stalin, actor Lekha Washington, and actress Aishwarya. He dated journalists like Rupali Mehra also.

The Nobel Cause

What is the fun in all these dates and why women just get ready to date this guy? What is the noble cause behind all the dates? If you are looking for an answer then the answer is very amazing and innovative. As the meal on the dates is paid by the women, Sunder saves all the money for that day, thereby saving money.

Sundar Ramu Dating
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He uses this money to sponsor a meal for members of an NGO. This is a regular practice and is done every month. This way the women who dated him the whole month also help him to serve to a noble cause and get the chance of getting their names added to the list of sponsors.

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