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Lingo Kid Ravi – The Street Seller in Mumbai who Speaks Multiple Foreign Languages

When it come to learning one can do it anywhere and in any situation. Al that matters is the willingness to learn. One can take inspiration from Ravi Kumar who started selling the peacock fan made by his grandmother on the streets of Mumbai at the age of 8.

At that time this boy from Gujarat knew just one language and could speak in Hindi only but soon he learnt that if he were to make profit he would have to talk in the language of the people who visit Mumbai. He came across many foreigners and learnt their language by just listening to them. Ravi can now speak 10 Official Foreign Languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Iranian languages.

The Talented Lingo Kid ‘Ravi Kumar’ speaks 10 Foreign Languages ! 

Ravi first started off with English and learnt the numbers to tell the tourists of different nationality about the price of the peacock fan made by his Grandmother which he fondly calls the Indian air conditioner.

Ravi Kumar is a living example of was the need and adversity can teach a man and that teaching goes a long way to become his identity. This also shows how a man can make good of his bad situation. Ravi Kumar, who is 22 now is struggling from poverty and wants to educate himself so that he can become a guide and support his family better.

Lingo Kid Ravi
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As a kid he talked to many tourists and picked up a few words here and there so that he could talk in their own language and impress them enough so that they bought his peacock feather fans. But one of those tourists uploaded the video of his conversation with the kid on the internet which became an instant hit and millions of people watched that video. He was given the name of “lingo kid.” The main source of learning for this kid was through talking and asking questions about how to say a word n the language of that particular tourist.

The tourists were more than happy to answer and if there were guides along with the tourists they would also help translating the language to the kid. All this support he garnered from everyone around helped in learning as many as nine languages. Many tourists came to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai just to meet this wonder boy and talk to him in their own language. This caused a lot of amazement to them and they would buy his peacock feather fan too. He was even invited as a speaker at TEDx held at Sabarmati, Gujarat to tell the audience of his incredible story and how he managed to learn the secrets of trade without any guidance and support.

The talent never remains hidden no matter in what condition it is put in. This lad from a very poor background is a real hero who struggled to keep his family going. He could not go to school because of the responsibility of the family of 12 and this has prevented him from reaching greater heights. He wishes to educate himself by taking out time from his busy schedule of selling peacock feather fans, looking after his Grandmother as well as his ageing father.

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