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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Delhi

Emotions in humans make them unique in this world, and the avenues taken for expressing the same makes them more distinctive. There are different emotions exchanged between all of us but the best and adorable is when you are in love when you feel loved when you want and you feel wanted. When you wait for that person to express what you have been expecting from, and the same is reciprocated. When that last second of the wait is over and you are filled with the excitement, freshness, eternal, affectionate feeling called – “Romance”. When the cupid hits you and your companion at the same time and both of you celebrate the moment to cherish the memories for the years to come. That special day is what we know is “Valentine’s Day”. The historic significance of the day can be anything but what is relevant is how you celebrate it with your loved ones.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Delhi

Let’s explore places in Delhi where you can celebrate Valentine’s Day to make it memorable.

1) Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden
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If you want to spend this romantic day in the lap of history and the serene natural beauty then this place is the perfect destination. You get the feel of a luxurious “Royal Walk” moving along the beautifully maintained green lawns. The gorgeous flowers and the fragrance will keep the moments more exotic. Finish off the day with a meal at the nearby “Lodhi Garden Restaurant”.

2) Sevilla – The Claridges

Sevilla – The Claridges
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You can make the visit more romantic if you visit this place on a bike with your partner. This Mediterranean styled restaurant at “The Claridges”, Abdul Kalam Road going to get you the give you the exotic feels of the landscapes of Spain. The ambiance and the décor are perfect for the date and will be complemented by the cuisine.

3) Caffe Tonino

Caffe Tonino
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This place at Connaught Place is best for an Italian style romance, little crowded though but the interiors designed so minutely and the Italian cuisine will make your day. The delicious wood-fired Pizzas will full fill your culinary delight and is sure to strengthen your personal bond and togetherness.

4) Boombox Café Reloaded

Boombox Café Reloaded

Out of the various Boombox Café in Delhi, the one at Rajouri Garden is the one best suitable for a romantic date with its colored luxurious lighting, 3D art pieces, Terrace, and the private areas.  Imagine yourself with your date on a candlelight 5-course dinner and a light music playing in the backdrop, and a great view from the Air Bar. This will be the ultimate day!

5) Cherie One Qutub, Mehrauli

Cherie One Qutub, Mehrauli
PC : http://mediaindia.eu

Situated at Kalka Das Marg Mehrauli, make your Vintage Victorian themed table special with a bunch of Rose and Lilly flower vase, in addition to the soft music played there for a perfect date. The European styled ambiance is well designed and arranged especially for a day which can so as personal as you can feel being here.

6) Lavaash, Mehrauli

Lavaash, Mehrauli

This place at Mehrauli is undoubtedly the best place for that special lady love of yours with chic interiors, open kitchen, open terrace, and delicious food. The choice of food in this Armenian style restaurant is endless with desserts, Lamb Mince Pie, Chips with Hummus, Orange Pound Cake, Hazelnut Mousse and much more, will force you to rate it 5/5.

7) Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses
PC : www.indianholiday.com

The replica of “Labna Arch” in Mexico this place is opposite Saket near Mehrauli heritage area and is one to be visited at both day and night. Spread over 20 acres of lush green gardens on the format of Mughal gardens, sculptures, will definitely enlighten all five senses of touch, smell, hear and see.

8) Sakley’s The Mountain Café

Sakley’s The Mountain Café
PC : www.indian-travel-places.com

You must locate Greater Kailash- 1 if you plan for this place as this is a place which offers you a full week of love and romance, with its lodge styled Café. The reviews will definitely encourage you to visit this place, which serves continental and Italian cuisine and doesn’t forget it serves memories also. Yes, this place is so very romantic that you will cherish the moments spent here for years.

9) Thai High

Thai High
PC : www.thaihigh.in

The lights, the view of the magnificent Qutub Minar, the slow wind blowing over the soft cozy hands of your lady love will set the mood, especially on this night. The Thai cuisine served on the terrace will add to the romantic end of the night.

10) Imperfecto

PC : www.burrp.com

The beautifully done interiors of this restaurant at Hauz Khas Village with live music will keep you tapping your feet and the food will add up to the excitement. The seating arrangement outside makes it personal yet within the wooden interiors. Perfect place to make and cherish Valentine’s moments.

So many places to be with your lady love, with the person you always wanted to spend those private moments of your life. Places and moments which you never wanted to leave and with these places you surely will not …as you will always Cherish them!

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