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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Rajkot

Rajkot is a famous shopping destination located in the Saurashtra region and is considered among the fastest evolving city of Gujarat. One can find all they want in this beautiful city as per your need. The city of Rajkot is the capital of Saurashtra and therefore one can find tons of people flocking to the city especially for the famous markets in Rajkot. There are many shopping markets in Rajkot, where you can fulfill your need to the fullest.

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Rajkot
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10 Best Shopping Markets in Rajkot

Let’s check out the top 10 markets in Rajkot.

1) Bangdi Bazaar

It is one of the oldest markets in Rajkot gujarat, with narrow lanes and alleyways. A wide array of embroidered fabrics and bandhanis will win your heart. Bangles, beadworks, and readymade garments are everflowing here. They are available in a riot of vibrant colors, shades and patterns with every kind of shape, size and form. You will also come across the Sonis in this market who are basically the goldsmith and silversmith traditional community. You will be blown away by their wares of displays. Don’t shy away from bargaining your way into the market to buy bangles and bandhani. After a shopping spree, you can settle down at a local eatery with chai and some lip smacking Gujarati snacks.

2) Mayur Patola Art

This is a saree manufacturing unit that has turned into one of the best markets in Rajkot that produces some of the most traditional Indian sarees. This is especially true in the case of sarees that display Patola art over silk. You can visit this place to purchase some of the finest traditional sarees which can be worn for each and every occasion. Make sure to purchase sarees as gifts for your friends, family and relatives back home.

3) Dr Yagnik Road

Dr Yagnik Road is one of the most busiest roads in the city of Rajkot. This busy shopping area has a lot of shopping centres and famous branded stores like Kalyan Jewelers or others. You might not find a large scale of clothing outlets, shoe shops and various other product shops on this extremely busy road. This is one place where you will be able to search for everything starting  from Indian wear (sarees and punjabi suits) to men’s wear, western clothes and accessories. There are certain shops catering for high end shoppers that desire quality items but at best prices.

4) Dharmendra Road

Dharmendra Road is a very popular shopping area in Rajkot. This road has received a sufficient count of shops where one can purchase everything starting from suitcase to shoes and traditional wears. It is one of the best markets in Rajkot.

5) Gundawadi

Gundawadi is one of the most popular markets of Rajkot where budget shopping can be done. You can find many ladies wears and dress materials in this place. But you must be ready to search for durable things here because the area is not particularly known for branded stores. Gundawadi is famous in Rajkot for the budget shoppers.

6) Para Bazaar

People known to have a knack for purchasing and collecting antique pieces or jewelry head straight here.  Ethnic wears and pieces are of very high art quality. This is the perfect amalgamation of western with traditional form. It is one of the best supermarkets in Rajkot to go for shopping. It is unique for traditional jewelry. It is also the best place if one craves for hand carved things. If you are a tourist in this city who has a knack for ethnic, this is your heaven.

7) Garedia Kuva Road

This is very famous for Electronics and home appliance shopping. Get the best mobile phones, tablets and electronics for your office and home at discounted price.

8) Gujari Bazaar

Gujari Market is also called as ‘Ravivari’ and it has tons to offer. It has more than 12,000 registered traders and approximately 20,000 people earn their livelihood from this Bazaar. It beats all the flashy malls too!

9) Govindbaug Market

It is one of the best supermarkets in Rajkot. It has fresh produce at wholesale rates. Fishes, vegetables, fruits name it and you have it here. Govindbaug Market in Rajkot is famous for plenty of variety in groceries and is very famous amidst the locals.

10) Cloth market Rajkot

Chanya cholis or traditional ethnic wear, cloth market in Rajkot is famous for both ready made clothes or outfits and materials alike. It is very famous for bandhani clothes too and other materials at a very dirt cheap price.

Shopping in Rajkot can be a wonderful experience if the tourists are able to reach to the right place for the right thing. It can be wonderful as the tourists will get to purchase things that are of very high ethnic value. When one shops at Rajkot people must go for things that are traditional to Gujarat.

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