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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Dehradun

Surrounded by a lot of greenery and magnificent mountains, Dehradun is not just popular for sightseeing but is also well known for its spectacular shopping experience. The local stores in the city though small are bustling with tonnes of products and souvenirs. Shopping done here can be an outstanding experience for everyone who finds solace in street shopping and bargaining. The most popular streets for shopping in Dehradun include the Rajpur Road, Paltan Bazaar, Tibetan Market and Connaught Place. These streets are popular for shopping but they also have a string of  stalls offering lip-smacking eatables and delicacies of Dehradun.

10 Best Shopping Markets in Dehradun

Let’s check out the top 10 markets in Dehradun.

1) Indira Market

One of the best shopping markets in Dehradun, it is situated near the Clock Tower and is a fabulous place to buy clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women alike. Head here to get the best deal.

2) Paltan Bazaar

Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun
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Considered amongst the busiest markets in Dehradun, it is located in the heart of this beautiful city. It also lies close to the clock tower and is one of the most vibrant places to shop in Dehradun. Paltan Bazar is where you can buy practically anything and everything. Whether it is clothes, footwear, books, handicrafts and gift items, find your heart’s desire at the best price in Paltan Bazaar. One of the famous markets in Dehradun, this place has all it takes to spend the complete day there at leisure. In this bazaar you can walk through these streets and spend tonnes of hours browsing through various items such as shawls, ornamental brassware and  beautiful items at a bargain deal. If you are at Paltan Bazaar make sure to check out the stunning colourful sweaters and cardigans knitted and put for sale by the local Tibetan women.

3) Rajpur Road

Rajpur Road, Dehradun
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One of the best local markets in Dehradun,it is located right in the heart of the city and is one of Dehradun’s most popular streets. Rajpur Road has numerous shops from where you can buy garments, footwear, souvenirs, jewellery and electronics.

4) Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market, Dehradun

Open at two locations, one near Parade Ground Road and the other Rispana Pul, these markets of Dehradun are run by Tibetans and are famous for woolen garments. This is a great place to buy Tibetan handicrafts and jewellery at bargain prices.

5) Himalayan Weavers

Himalayan Weavers, Dehradun
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Himalayan Weavers are popular for handmade shawls, scarves, stoles and Pashminas. This is because they are made using natural dyes. The purpose of Himalayan Weavers through this initiative is to promote environment friendly dyes. It also promotes items crafted by locals that reside in the Himalayan region. All of the items sold by Himalayan Weavers are obtained out of natural fibres and dyes, which include henna, pomegranate and indigo. They do not have any kind of artificial colours or synthetic dyes.

6) Connaught Place

Connaught Place, Dehradun
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Connaught Place is one of the best wholesale markets in Dehradun and also the busiest street here. Visited by each and every age group, Connaught Place has many retail stores that offer unique items. While youngsters flock to this place to buy different artificial jewellery or just to hang out at the coffee places, tourists and adults make sure to purchase some memorable souvenirs from here such as exotic Garhwali Paintings, wooden carved items and various other rare handicrafts.

7) Gandhi Road Market

Gandhi Road Market, Dehradun
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It is a small shopping hub or market located near the Clock Tower. This market has a wide array of products starting from second hand books to low-cost clothes and jewellery. You can also find certain memorable souvenirs which include Tibetan Carpets and Brass Statues.

8) Astley Hall

Astley Hall, Dehradun
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A very intriguing shopping center and market place near Rajpur Road, Ashley Hall is popular for the stores and restaurants that are nearby and offer products at a very attractive and discounted deal. Here you can buy a host of wooden products, clothes, jewellery, paintings and woolen clothes too. Additionally, Ashley Hall is famous for many stunning and rare local artifacts that are beautifully carved out from wood and Bamboo cane.

9) Chakrata Road

Chakrata Road, Dehradun
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Shopping stalls located along the Chakrata Road are best if you are a technology junkie. Here you can find many stores selling home appliances, electronic items and mobile phones.

10) Landour Bazaar

One of the busiest and most popular markets in Dehradun, Landour is where you get practically everything. It is particularly popular for the superior quality custom-made leather shoes. It is so famous that many celebrities flock here to have their shoes customised. Apart from that you can also purchase woolens outfit, antiques and ceramic crockery in Landour Bazaar which is a fabulous place to spend the complete day, shopping and rejuvenating yourself.

Dehradun is a very famous north Indian tourist destination. Apart from the sightseeings, these top 10 markets make sure that you take back the best memories with you in the form of colourful, vibrant and naturally coloured sweater, pashminas and souvenirs.

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