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Top 10 Travel Blogs in India

They have the zeal, passion, flair, inclination, and desire for travelling different places. The best of the travellers are writers also and they keep writing, blogging their discoveries, their encounter, and things they explore on their visit to known and not very known places. These blogs are basically an encyclopedia of travellers, a guide for new travellers and source of information and encouragement for the existing ones.

10 Best Travel Blogs in India

Let’s explore the top ten travel blogs in India one-by-one.

1) Lakshmi Sharath’s “Lakshmisharath.com on a Journey

Lakshmisharath.com on a Journey

Lakshmi, a media professional, spent fifteen years in different media organisations, transformed into a storyteller, traveller, travel blogger, digital influencer, and expert content specialist. She voices her travel experience, which comprises travel across twenty-five countries, in her travel blog. Her enthusiasm for exploring tiny villages and temples, across India, shows her love for nature, history, and rich Indian heritage.

2) Shivya Nath’s “The Shooting Star

Shivya Nath's The Shooting Star

This Twenty Three years young traveller and winner of the “Best Blogger” title at the Indian Blogger award left her corporate job to live her dream of travelling the world. A solo traveller, she prefers not to stay in luxurious hotel rooms, prefers travelling in public transport and indulges in things which give her the taste, feels and perception of the real world of travelling. Blog: “The Shooting Star”.

3) Anuradha Goyal’s “IndiTales

Anuradha Goyal's IndiTales

Twelve years of hardcore IT professional and now fully fledged Business Innovation consultant, Anuradha has been blogging since last eight years and her blog was rated as “50 best Travel blogs around the world”. Her love for writing has turned her to pen down her real-life travel experience across the globe. She keeps motivating others through her interesting stories which include walking trails of major Indian cities.  She is best known for her work – The Mouse Charmers-Digital Pioneers of India. Blog: “IndiTales”.

4) Siddharth Joshi’s “Sid the Wanderer

Siddharth Joshi's Sid the Wanderer

A product designer, a photo blogger and a traveller who believes and strongly feels people, Siddharth is an emotional traveller. In his travel, he touches the feel of the local people and captures their emotions in his photographs. His blog was nominated for Indian Blogger Awards. He is good in trekking and photography and accepts everyone as they are. He has travelled exhaustively across India and he surely is fond of nature. Blog: Sid the Wanderer.

5) Sankara’s “Be on the Road

Sankara's Be on the Road

What started in 2009 as his hobby is today his career; Sankara is a renowned name in the travel blogger world and has featured in many domestic and international travel and media brands like – National Geographic Traveller, Deccan Chronicle Newspaper and much more. He is both an adventure blogger and a photo blogger and is brilliant in both. He is more into wildlife holidays, cultures of India and his ideas are economical and practical. Blog: Be on the Road.

6) Prasad Np’s “Desi Traveller

Prasad Np's Desi Traveller

Prasad left his office job to pursue his love for travelling and his travel blog will guide you to places which can be visited by family. Prasad is more inclined to tell you about his wildlife travel and is very helpful in giving tips on travel to religious places and various temples across India. His blog is a kaleidoscope of incredible India. He describes his travel experiences with equal majestic photographs and probably that is why his blog was nominated for Indian Blogger award. Blog: Desi Traveller.

7) Niranjan Das’s “Tales of a Nomad

Niranjan Das's Tales of a Nomad

Niranjan is one of the top Indian bloggers and loves to travel the Indian countryside. His passion for long bike rides, travelling in the train, and his love for nature shows his adventurous character. He describes his treacherous trekking and leisure holidays beautifully in his photo blogs. With numerous awards and associations, he’s always been in the limelight. His blog was listed amongst the top thirty travel blogs in India in 2013. Blog: Tales of a Nomad.

8) Mridula Dwivedi’s “Travel Tale from India and Abroad

Mridula Dwivedi's Travel Tale from India and Abroad

An IIT Kharagpur Ph.D., quit her job as a professor in 2015 to take up her passion for travelling the major metros of the globe. Mridula is a travel and lifestyle blogger and loves adventurous trips. Her hotel’s reviews are definitely a guide for a new traveller. She’s been awarded as the ‘best travel Indi blog’ at the India Weblog Awards in 2007. Blog: Travel Tale from India and Abroad.

9) Ankita Sinha’s “Anki On The Move

Ankita Sinha's Anki On The Move

Young at heart, adventurous, keen, stylish traveller Ankita has been adding every corner of India in her list of traveled places. Always encouraging people to travel and meet people during the travel, she is a strong believer of adventurous trips, sports, and an enthusiastic adventure video blogger. Her portfolio covers 300 travel stories, fifteen adventure sports, and more than eighty videos which covered forty plus destinations. Blog: Anki On The Move.

10) Arun Bhat’s “India Travel and Photography Blog

Arun Bhat's India Travel and Photography Blog

This photo blogger from Bangalore is an internationally acclaimed traveller. Arun Bhat lives her passion of travelling and photography and inspires you to rediscover yourself. He will bring out the hidden traveller inside you through his blogs, which covers travel, culture, architecture, corporate events, landscapes and Indian heritage. Blog: India Travel and Photography Blog.

The never ending hunger for travellers somewhere inspires others and that is when the birth of a new traveller happens.

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