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Top 5 Places to Visit in Al Ain

Al Ain is house to a plethora of nature and history which is a great place for you and your family to spend some quality time while enjoying your trip to the UAE. It ranks as the 2nd biggest city in UAE after Abu Dhabi. In spite of being a desert area, it is surrounded by ample greenery. A trip to Al Ain is an investment that comes with a particularly relaxing retreat away from the busy streets of the country.

5 Best Places to Visit in Al Ain

If you are in dilemma of deciding which place is a must visit in Al Ain, let us make it simple for you by listing down the top places in the city.

1) Green Mubazzarah

Green Mubazzarah
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Green Mubazzarah is the perfect spot for a fun picnic with family while having tasty snacks at the barbecue. This place is filled with ample greenery with water wells and hot springs all over. The locals here love to relax amidst the open green fields while gazing at the beautiful sky filled with stars to look at. You can also stay at the hotels in Al Ain located close to this area to get a sneak peak of the beautiful morning view of the area when the first sun light hits the land.

2) Al Ain National Museum

Al Ain National Museum
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Functional since the year 1971from the month of November, this particular structure has been termed as the oldest in UAE when it comes to museums. When you enter the premises of this museum you get access to the unique and rich history of the city with its carefully preserved heritage. You can also take a look at Sultan Fort located right beside the museum.

3) Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo
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If you are searching for colors amidst the desert backdrop, make sure you visit the Al Ain Zoo where you can find a number of animals carefully preserved in an environment that is completely spacious. When planning to visit a place that is great for kids, Al Ain Zoo makes up as the perfect educational and fun trip.

4) Al Ain Camel Market

Al Ain Camel Market
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A trip to the Middle East is incomplete if you don’t watch the beautiful camels thriving in the area. You can easily find these humped-four-legged beings can be seen in bulk at the local camel market. You can take a look at these elegant animals up close after seeking permission from their owners. While scanning the city you might have seen some camels prepped for desert safaris. However, watching hundreds of camels in a single go is a picturesque site.

5) Al Ain Palace Museum

Al Ain Palace Museum
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A beautiful cultural and memorial landmark, this palace was once the residence for former president of UAE named Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayam who used to live in this palace with his family. As a mark of respect, this palace is also termed after his name as “Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum”. It was built in the year 1937 after which was turned into a historical museum in the year 1998. It was then opened in 2001 for public visit.

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