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Top 5 reasons to travel to Vietnam from India in 2019

Vietnam- a beautiful country in the Southeast Asia region, is a popular getaway of both domestic and foreign travelers. Boasting 3000 kilometers of tropical coastline, intriguing historical and cultural heritages, idyllic natural landscapes, mouth-watering food, and fascinating local experience, Vietnam caters all kinds of travelers from foodies, adventurers, history and culture buffs and beach hoppers. If you are looking for somewhere new and untouched with a wide range of activities, do not miss out this unique destination. Here are some reasons why you should travel to Vietnam from India at least once in your lifetime.

Spectacular landscapes

Vietnam is a truly hidden gem with a variety of landscapes. Its beauty just cannot be described through the simple words or stories of your friends, just you with your own experience can do it. You can find a number of magnificent World Heritage Wonders: Halong Bay, PhongNhaKe Bang Caves, Hoian ancient town or Cham Island. In addition, the stunning mountain landscapes with breathtaking valleys, rolling hills, and towering limestone karsts will be an ideal place for adventure seekers and mountaineers. You are a leisure traveler? or simply find somewhere untouched for a true rest, here are your option. With the long coastline stretching across the country, there are numerous picturesque beaches for you to unwind including Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, Danang Beach or Halong Bay. All feature exotic landscapes, tranquil atmosphere and fabulous water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing or scuba diving.

Spectacular Landscapes

Exquisite food

Street food is the highlight of any trip to Vietnam. Wherever you are in, you can take the stunning street food tour along the vibrant streets to savor the unique flavor which can’t be found anywhere else on earth. From the famous “pho”, spring rolls, banh mi to seafood, or local specialties, Vietnamese food is always yummy, fresh and healthy. As an enticing part of a Vietnam tour package, you should not miss out on any chances to sample this unique cuisine.

Exquisite food

Budget travel

Vietnam is suitable for any kinds of the budget level you can afford. For budget travelers, Vietnam is a perfect choice. Traveling here will stretch your money farther and wider and will help you to extend your enjoyable trip. You may be astounded as you can experience the best of Vietnam without worrying much about your budget. Depending on your need: kinds of accommodation, the place you go, or the activities you wish to enjoy, the tours could range from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

The paradise of shopping

For shopaholics, Vietnam is an indispensable place in their shopping journey. From local markets to the modern shopping centers, you always find your favorite items with the unmatched culture of the country. Amongst the popular shopping spots, Hoian is, perhaps, the best. Here you can find lovely local souvenirs from handicrafts, textiles, carvings, lanterns to traditional clothing.

Historical and cultural values

Vietnam’s history and culture are one of the deep impression for travelers around the world. The long history and rich culture make the country a favorite place for history buffs. There are a number of fabulous museums housing great exhibits and artifacts from the wartime. While in Hanoi, you can find the interesting stories of the famous leader in the grand Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, in Saigon, you may be fascinated as you visit the gorgeous Cu Chi Tunnel. In addition to the long history, Vietnam also enchants you by its unmatched culture dating back centuries ago. Traveling across the country, you astoundingly encounter the quaint sights of ethnic minorities in the mountainous areas, the colorful traditional festivals or the enticing local way of life in the lush Mekong Delta region. All makes the country a melting point in culture, a favorite part of any traveler’s journey.

Vietnam is an appealing destination with the harmonious blend of beautiful countryside and modern cities, of the increasing development and the traditional values. Stunning natural landscapes, the secluded beaches, numerous shopping sprees or the tasty street food undoubtedly can be the reasons for anyone to travel Viet Nam.

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