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Why Travel To Kochi Post This Lockdown?

Kerala is known as God’s own country. The beauty and cultural heritage of the place is what attracts tourists from all corners of the country and even outside.

Out of all the places in Kerala, Kochi deserves a special mention. This place is known for its rich scenic beauty, history, and culture. Not just that, but the place is also famous for its Aryuvedic treatments. But sadly, travelling is off the charts this year because of the current pandemic situation.

Why Travel To Kochi Post This Lockdown

It’s been months that people are locked in their houses and travelling have become a distant dream. But once the pandemic ends and you can surely take a budget trip to Kochi. It will give you a refreshing feeling after all the chaos. The good thing is that Kerala is doing great in terms of controlling the pandemic. This makes travelling to Kochi safer than to visit other places. You can check out flights to Kochi before visiting.

Reasons To Go To Kochi

Here are some of the main reasons why you should travel to Kochi after the lockdown ends.

  1. Kochi Biennale

Kochi Biennale

If you are a lover of art, then you are surely going to love this place. This place in Kochi is famous for its international exhibition of art. You will get to see fine contemporary art in the exhibition. It is also the largest art festival in Asia. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss a chance to enjoy the beautiful artwork done by skilled artists. Every year, the Kerala government manages a huge crowd of people who come to be a part of this exhibition.

  1. Rich history

Rich history

Kochi is a place that has a rich history and culture. It was once known as India’s centre for spice trading. This port city has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing metropolis in the entire country. Although the whole city is drowned in modernity, you can still catch glimpses of its rich history. Places like Fort Kochi reflects the history and what the place used to be like in the past. When in Kochi, you must experience these things or your visit is incomplete. You can book your Indigo airlines tickets to Kochi in advance.

  1. A paradise for beach lover

A paradise for beach lover

If you are a beach person, then Kochi is your destination. The Fort Kochi beach is an enchanting place and is a must-visit for all beach lovers. You can witness the traditional style of fishing around the entire beach. Along with that, you can also witness the beauty of colonial-styled home-stays and bungalows. There are also many historic places around the beach including Fort Emmanuel.

  1. Backwater beauty

Backwater beauty

Kochi is also known for its backwaters which has a charm of its own. The serene beauty of the Kochi backwaters is going to leave you awestruck. This is something you haven’t seen before.

Kochi is a lovely place to visit. after the lockdown ends, you can plan for a short trip to Kochi and refresh your mind and soul.

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