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Discover Kochi in a Day

A melting pot of different European and Middle-Eastern cultures, Kochi is rightly crowned the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The commercial capital of Kerala boasts of some impressive architectural marvelsthat are visual remains of the colonialists who used to walk the streets once upon a time.Exploring the city in a day may sound intimidating or even overly ambitious, but you would be surprised how much you can fit in if you try!

Discover the best of Kochi in a day -on foot, local buses and autos, creating a quick sojourn that captures that essence of mysticism and modernity in 24 hours.

Step into the best restaurants in Kochi for lip-smacking delicacies that will leave a wonderful aftertaste lasting days, and give you the fuel to keep trudging through the day.

Capture moments in a frame and get yourself portraits you’ll never forget. Then relax in the finest accommodation like a boss.

Once you land in the city, here’s what should be on your itinerary for the day:

Fuel up at PaiDosa

While most of the popular sightseeing spots are 5-10 minutes away from each other, our word of caution is that you should eat well before starting your day. Head to PaiDosa for a dosa experience of a lifetime. The restaurant offers a stunning variety in dosas and its types, the number of dishes almost extending to 150! Do not forget to wash down that taste with some classic filter kaapi – it’s the cherry on top for your breakfast!

Explore Fort Kochi

Explore Fort Kochi
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Anybody who comes to Kochi cannot miss out on the postcard perfect sight this place presents. Beautiful architecture combined with the picture perfect experience of the town makes this trip memorable. It is easy to soak in the laid-back vibes of the city, which silently encourage you to keep wandering the streets and relive the era.

Witness the magnificence of the Chinese Fishing Nets

Witness the magnificence of the Chinese Fishing Nets
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Undoubtedly among the most popular landmarks of the city, the Chinese fishing nets are a sight to behold. Fluttering in the wind against the expanse of the blue sky, these nets have ceased to function in most spots of the city. But if you arrive at the right time in the morning, you may just witness a large catch for the day at the remaining spots.

Visit The Mattanchery Palace

Visit The Mattanchery Palace
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More popularly known as the Dutch Palace, the Mattanchery Palace was built by the Portuguese and gifted to the King of Kochi. The palace today stands as testimonyto the rich history of the Cochin Rajas, acting as a beautiful portrait gallery and home to astounding mythological murals in India.

Grab a Bite at Seagull Restaurant

Seagull Restaurant, Kochi
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An evening snack or a full-fledged lunch, this beauty by the seashore has never failed to appease the senses. Take a break at Seagull Restaurant with wholesome seafood goodness and a pint of chilled beer. The view of the Kochi Port and incoming ferries just adds to the overall experience.

Be a spectator to the sunset at Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a popular waterfront by Vembanad Lake, very well-known for the jaw-dropping sunsets over the sea mouth. Walk down to any of the walkways to catch one of the country boats or motor boats for a serene ride in the backwaters.

Be a spectator to the sunset at Marine Drive, Kochi
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A tiring, hectic day of exploring Kochi deserves the perfect Kerala accommodation to help you rejuvenate. The LaLiT Resort & Spa Bekal may just be what you need. Take an overnight train to Kasargod to find your way to the ultimate relaxation destination. The soothing ambiance, surreal view of the lagoon and the backwaters from your rooms is coupled with a refreshing spa experience – giving you the perfect excuse for a relaxing day after a hectic but memorable day in Kochi.   

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