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7 Health Benefits of Green Tea : One of the Healthiest Beverage on Planet

Green Tea, as name suggests is made from green leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant after some minimum oxidation process. A native of China, which originated about 4700 years ago, it is available in a number of Asian countries and used rampantly. There is a wide range of Health Benefits of Green Tea.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

7 Important Health Benefits of Green Tea :

  1. Green tea is also known for improving brain functions, lowering of stress levels and mood swings. It thus helps us make relaxed and happy. (Check out the 7 Ideas that Work to make you Really Happy !)
  2. Studies have confirmed that Green tea reduces the risk of Cancer. Green tea has found to be rich in properties which reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer in men to about 48 per cent. Similarly, studies have inferred that women who take Green tea are at 22 per cent lesser risk of contracting Breast Cancer.
  3. Diabetes is termed as a crippling and killer disease today. Regular use of Green tea is found to improve the sensitivity of Insulin in the human body. It lowers the blood sugar level. It works as a preventive therapy for diabetes too. A study in Japan has suggested that people who consume moderate quantity of Green tea are at 12 per cent lesser risk of catching diabetic conditions. This is one of the best green tea health benefits.
  4. It has very powerful antioxidant properties which protect damage to our body cells as well as molecules. It thus keeps check on our aging process.
  5. It lowers bad cholesterol contents and helps to improve good cholesterol. This makes us more immune to cardio vascular diseases.
  6. Studies have also indicated about the fat burning capabilities of Green tea which is helpful in shedding unwanted weight for the obese.
  7. Green tea is useful in getting rid of bacteria and viruses which are responsible for tooth decay and bad breath. It removes foul smell in the mouth and thus acts as a natural mouth freshener.

It is thus clearly established that Green Tea is more beneficial as a preventive and a therapeutic drink. It makes our body and soul refreshing, helps getting immunity from diseases and fight with them. Frequent use of Green Tea is overall beneficial to our system to ward off unwanted diseases.

I hope you liked these Health Benefits of Green Tea. If you know more benefits of Green Tea, you can share them with us.

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