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How to Activate Call Waiting in Airtel Landline ?

Airtel is one of the leading telecom companies in India with a huge subscriber base. It provides the users with best mobile and landline services. In Airtel landline there are wide range of features. Considering that you already have an Airtel Landline installed at your address. In our previous articles we have already discussed the procedure to activate conference call and call forwarding. Today, we will tell you how to activate call waiting in Airtel Landline. Before we proceed with the call waiting activation procedure in Airtel Landline we will take a brief idea about what call waiting feature is and what are the benefits of using call waiting service.

How to Activate Call Waiting in Airtel Landline ?

Let’s get to know about what is call waiting feature before we start with the activation of this feature in Airtel Landline phone.

What is Call Waiting in Airtel Landline ?

Call Waiting feature in Airtel Landline allows you to answer another call while you are on another call. You are notified of the new call by a tone which can be heard easily. You have the option to either disconnect or place the first call on hold and answer the new call.

What are the benefits of Call Waiting in Airtel Landline ?

Now that we know about the call waiting feature, let’s know about the advantages and benefits of call waiting feature in Airtel Landline.

  • It helps you reassure friends and family that you can be reached in the case of an emergency.
  • No longer you need to worry about missing an important call because you are on the phone.
  • This service is very easy to use.
  • You can easily switch between calls.
  • Your callers will never get a busy tone.
  • Option to Cancel Call Waiting allows you to turn Call Waiting off before or during a call.
  • Second call may be as important as the first one.
  • Using this service you never have to cut a conversation short because you are expecting a second call.

Procedure to Activate Call Waiting in Airtel Landline

Now that you understand what is call waiting and you know its benefits, let’s know about the activation procedure of call waiting in Airtel Landline.

In order to Activate Call Waiting on your airtel fixed line – Dial 118.

How to Use Call Waiting in Airtel Landline ?

What is the use of call waiting service on your landline if you don’t know how to use it. So, lets now go ahead and know how to use call waiting in Airtel Landline phone.

To make use of this service :

Please Press FLASH followed by 2, and then you need to take the second incoming call keeping the first one on hold. Pressing FLASH + 2 will bring you back to the first call. So, the point is that Flash + 2 functions like a toggle key by which you can switch between the calls. Pressing FLASH +1 will connect to the waiting caller and disconnect the active call. Pressing FLASH + 0 will keep you connected to the active call and disconnect the waiting call.

Procedure to Deactivate Call Waiting in Airtel Landline

There might be a case when you don’t want to use the call waiting service in your landline anymore. So, for that you need to follow call waiting deactivation procedure in Airtel Landline.

In order to Deactivate Call Waiting on you airtel Fixed Line – Dial 119

Important Note – Call Waiting Service in Airtel Landline is free of charge and is available in all circles throughout India.

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