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An Ultimate Jungle Camping Experience at Rishikesh

I always visualize the city of Rishikesh as a spiritual land, the land of rishis, and yogis, the people also love this place as a religious abode. However, I recently discovered it as a major adventure destination in north India, when I visited here a few months ago. Once you visit a place, you feel like travelling to other places rather than visiting the same place over and again but Rishikesh is an exception. It is such a charming place that will never let u get bored as it has so much to offer, not only to the people who come here in search of spiritual peace only. The town is rich in its heritage and have some very popular temples, Ashrams for Yoga & Meditation as well but the unique attraction of this city is that it has ventured out well in some outstanding adventure sports and jungle camping activities.

Jungle Camping

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An Ultimate Jungle Camping Experience at Rishikesh

This was my first try at a jungle camp ever.  We three friends planned for a camping jaunt in Rishikesh so as to make our weekend full of excitement. Some two and a half months back also I went to Rishikesh for an adventure trip. You can read about it by clicking on the link below.

Beach Camp
A photo from my Beach Camping Experience in June 2015

Let me now walk you through our journey !

Planning & Execution

It was a usual weekend morning of Saturday, September 12, 2015. However, a person like me cannot resist from making it happening. So, I just called a close friend of mine Sunny who lives in Delhi and put a proposal if we could plan a short trip to Rishikesh. He nodded in affirmative, got ready quickly and moved for Meerut by his Santro Zing with his love within an hour. My friend Sunny knew someone in a Camp, so he booked our camping halt on the phone call itself. Sunny finally reached at my place at about 4:00 pm and without wasting much time we moved towards Rishikesh by my Wagon R.

Road to Rishikesh

Road Route

I have been travelling on this route every now and then. The toll road, which begins from the outskirts of the Meerut city, Daurala, is four lane, finely built, with no potholes and dotted with good roadsides dhabas, and even KFC as well as Dominos too, till Muzaffarnagar.  As we proceed further,  about 10 kms after that it becomes a two lane road, which at times feel congested and not worthy of good driving, it  sometimes is devoid of a road divider. So, you need to be extra cautious while driving especially at night. Some road construction and repairing work is going on for a stretch of about 20-30 kms which will bound to slow down your speed.

Once you reach Roorkee, it will hardly take you 1-1.5 hours to reach Rishikesh. We started at about 5:00 pm from Meerut and we reached Rishikesh at about 8:30 pm. You may find a lot of traffic jam even before entering the city, especially on the weekends. But the real fun is to visit the place on weekends only; otherwise it’s a bit calm. The calm of the dense forest areas, you know, can be very dangerous for some people in the jungle, at least for those who are not accustomed to it.

Adventure Booking

Due to my prior experience we knew that most of the adventure clubs close their offices in Rishikesh by 8:00 – 8:30 pm. So, we already talked to a guy named Maddy who operates a Jungle Camp near Rishikesh. However, after reaching Rishikesh we thought of talking to a few other clubs to get some better options. As per our expectations, most of them were found to be closed as we reached Rishikesh at about 8:30 pm. There were still two adventure clubs which were open, we talked to them but their reply was that no adventure camp is operational for some days.

Camp Hideaway, Rishikesh

We still had the option to talk to Maddy and we fixed our Camp for Rs.1250 per person. This amount included the snacks & dinner of the current night, and Breakfast and Lunch for the following day. Not a bad deal, it seems. At the rate, these camps are really value for money, and it is one of the reasons, I am in love with them!

Reaching the Camp

Reaching Jungle Camp, Rishikesh

Maddy, the manager of the Hideaway Camp explained the route to reach the Camp. This camp is located deep inside the outskirts of  Rishikesh city near a river barrage. It is about 15 kms from Rishikesh and we took about 40 minutes to reach the camp.

Tents (Outside View)

Camp Hideaway had about 70-80 tent accommodation in total, with the option of double and triple occupancy.

Tents at Rishikesh

Tents (Inside View) Tent from Inside, Rishikesh

Open Sitting & Playing AreaOpen Area, Rishikesh Camp

River Side Area 1River Side View, Rishikesh Camp

River Side Area 2River Side Area, Rishikesh

River Side Area 3River Side Area, Hideaway Camp, Rishikesh

 WashroomsWashrooms at Jungle Camp, Rishikesh

Dining Area, Meals & Snacks

The dining area was quite spacious which can easily accommodate about 100 people. In peak season, when the dining area gets full people can even enjoy their meals in the open lawn just besides the Dining Area. As agreed, they charged us an amount of Rs.1250 per person (All Inclusive) and provided us some real quality snacks and food. The taste was really nice. They have a buffet dinner arrangement and you have a lot of cuisines to choose from. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available there. The breakfast buffet offers salad, bread slices, butter, jam, boiled eggs, tea, pickles, curd & puri bhaji. We had to rush for our Rishikesh & Haridwar City Tour so we did not wait till the Lunch time and skipped it.

Dining Area
Dining Area

Parking FacilityCar Parking at Jungle Camp, Rishikesh

Camp Hideaway has ample parking facility to accommodate at least 70-80 vehicles. The parking area has a lot of space to park your vehicle easily.

Contact the Camp

Although you may get hundreds of camps to stay in Rishikesh, but I really loved Camp Hideaway as it serves amazing food, has a very well mannered and supportive staff and beautifully manicured landscaping.

You can contact Camp Hideaway, Rishikesh at these Numbers


Office Desk :- +91 01352442274
E-mail :- [email protected]

For more details, you may check out their Official Website :


Suggestions & Tips

  1. Adventure Sports are hardly operational in the Months of July and August, may extend till mid of September. If you do not want to get disappointed, It is always advisable to get in touch with some Adventure Club before planning to Rishikesh for any adventure activity.
  2. Please check the condition of you vehicle before going to Rishikesh. Service your vehicle if it need one and check if the air pressure in the tires is fine or not.
  3. Please start your journey as early as possible as most of the Adventure Sports activities are conducted in day time.
  4. If you are planning for Rafting, you can carry your camera, your shoes or slippers and other belongings with you. You will be provided with a dry bag in the Raft where you can keep all your stuff.
  5. You would only get Meals at the camp, so if you wish to buy any eatables or beverages you must buy it from the nearby places only as you won’t get anything over here. It is totally a jungle area.
  6. Make calls or messages to your friends and loved ones in the Rishikesh city area only as your mobile won’t receive any signals at the camp.

Hope you liked to Read about my Jungle Camping Experience near Rishikesh. If you have any queries, you can leave your comments below.

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