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Our Fun Trip to Shimla and Chail from Delhi

This goes back to end of June 2017. Me and my friend were planning since few days to go to hill station or a place like Rishikesh to relax and rejuvenate. However, despite a lot of thinking we were not able to decide a place. Also, the weather forecast showed a lot of rain in the coming days. We eventually cancelled the plan of going anywhere because of rain. However, that was not to be. We couldn’t resist the temptation of going somewhere and we thought of meeting and then deciding where to go.

Day 1 : Delhi to Meerut

I went to friend’s place in Meerut.  It took me three hours to reach Meerut. The weather was good and I was thinking of which place to go for a holiday. I reached Meerut at around 4 PM. We ate some healthy food at his place. We thought of leaving the next day for a place which was not yet decided.  However, our mind changed at around 11.30 in the night. We thought of leaving in the night itself.

Day 2 : Meerut to Shimla

After having dinner we decided to leave for Shimla as soon as possible and reach there by morning. It was a tough decision but we both agreed. We started our journey at about 12.30 AM. We followed the following route : Meerut – Shamli – Karnal – Kurukshetra (146 kms). There was heavy rain at around 3.30 AM in Kurukshetra.

Meerut to Shimla Road Route

We took one tea & snacks break on the way as it was night time and we were hungry. My friend continued to drive his Mahindra KUV 100 despite the rains. We covered the route Kurukshetra – Ambala – Panchkula – Shimla (194 kms) in 2 ½ hours. After that it took us almost three hours to reach Shimla because of traffic and slow driving in the hilly region.

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Day 2 : Shimla

We reached Shimla at around 9.30 AM and it was raining heavily. We parked the car at Govt Parking for Rs.200/day. We had difficulties finding a good hotel because of the rain. After about half an hour we managed to find a decent hotel with the help of a local person. However, the room was not available due to cleaning work going on for about an hour. We had to wait for the room to get available and it was becoming difficult to wait since we hadn’t slept in the night and also were hungry.

Government Parking in Shimla
Government Parking in Shimla

Finally we got the room and we almost threw ourselves on the bed. We ordered something to eat from a nearby restaurant. Since it was raining heavily, the food was delivered after almost a couple of hours. It was quite frustrating as we were hungry, sleepy as well as tired. We had the food and slept after that. We then woke up at around 4 PM and got ready. Thankfully it was only drizzling and the weather was awesome.

Mall Road, Shimla
Mall Road, Shimla

We left for Mall Road at around 5. We had to use the lift to go to Mall Road. We clicked a lot of pictures there, ate momos and burger and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

It was quite cold as compared to Delhi and Meerut. Since it was peak season, there was a lot of rush, but all in all it was an enjoyable time at the Mall Road. After enjoying there for a couple of hours, we went back to our hotel.

Mall Road in Shimla

We then ordered biryani for dinner and had a lot of discussion and chat in our hotel room. Since we had met after a long time, we had a lot to share with each other about what is going on in life.

Night View of Shimla
Night View of Shimla from our Hotel Room

We discussed about our professional work, our friends, some old memories and a lot of other things. It was quite cold and the view from our room was majestic. We went off to sleep at around 12 in the night.

Day 3 : Shimla to Chail & Chail to Meerut

The next day we checked out of our room at around 8 AM in the morning. Thankfully it was not raining. We left for Chail which is 43 km from Shimla, which has a palace where the shooting of some part of the movie 3 Idiots took place. The roads were steep as well as narrow.

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Chail Palace
Chail Palace

However, my friend who is an expert driver took us safely to Chail. The Palace was beautiful. We took a lot of pics there. We were quite hungry as we hadn’t done with our breakfast. We then had our breakfast in Chail itself before we left.

Our actual plan was to go to Hamirpur from Chail where a close friend of ours lives. We had put the right location on our GPS.  The distance was showing 165 kms. However, after about 4 hours of drive, we noticed something which was nothing less than frightening. We saw that the distance from our location to Hamirpur has increased to 215 km. We were in a state of shock. After 4 hours of driving, the distance had increased by 50 kms. There was no option for us to head back to Meerut as it was not easy to drive 215 kms more in the hilly region after almost 6 hours of driving since morning.

Shimla Chandigarh Highway
Shimla Chandigarh Highway

We informed our friend that we had lost our way and are going back to Meerut. He was upset as well as a bit angry. But we didn’t have any other option. Nor did he. On our way back to Meerut we had some burgers and French fries from McDonalds. We reached Meerut at around 10 PM. We chatted a lot about different things and even though we were returning from a great trip, we enjoyed our return journey too.

Day 4: Meerut to Delhi

The next day I returned to Delhi via a state transport bus. I reached home at around 7 PM in the evening.

This was one of the best trips that we two have had. The fun part of this trip was our sudden plan to go to Shimla. A day earlier Shimla was nowhere in our minds. Also, the rain which we had expected was something we enjoyed. As it happens in life sometimes, an unplanned thing happens and gives us a memory of a lifetime. The same thing happened with this trip. Our Shimla trip was sheer joy. My friend did a courageous and appreciable job of driving around 800 kms all alone. We had one of the best times of our lives. The Shimla trip would be etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Trip Cost

Fuel Cost = Rs.3200

Toll Cost = Rs.800

Hotel Room = Rs.2500

Food and Snacks = Rs.1500

Other Expenses = Rs.1000

TOTAL EXPENSES = Rs.9000 for 2 Persons (or Rs.4500 per person)

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