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Bandra – Worli Sea Link – India’s First ever Cable Stayed Bridge on Sea

A true architecture marvel developed on the Arabian Sea, known to us as the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The official name of the bridge is Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. The 8 lanes-bridge was constructed to cut the long journey between the suburbs of Bandra and Worli. It is a cable stayed bridge in centre with viaducts at the northern and southern end. High performance concrete are utilized in the construction of the structure.

Bandra Worli Sea Link
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The steel wire used in the bridge is equivalent to the total circumference of the Earth and a total of 90,000 tons of cement had been used to construct the sea link. The bridge holds ultra modern automatic techniques for monitoring the traffic, surveillance, communications, instrumentation,emergency support etc.

Bandra Worli Sea Link : India’s First ever Cable Stayed Bridge over Sea

Apart from being just a bridge, the Bandra Worli Sea Link adds to the scenic beauty of the Dream City. If you are at Bandra side of the bridge, stop at the toll plaza and the sight of the Mumbai suburb looks mesmerizing with the tall buildings in the background and the sea in the foreground.

Design & Architecture

The best of India’s architects and also those from outside India were indulged in the project. The project of Bandra Worli Sea Link was given to the Hindustan Construction Company (HCC). The structure of the Bandra Worli Sea Link is designed as the first cable stayed bridge over the sea in India. This structure consists of twin continuous bridge sections in each direction.

Bandra Worli Sea Link, Mumbai
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Each section of the bridge, except the cable stayed section is supported on piers which are spaced at a distance of 50 metres from each other. Every section of the bridge is constructed in a way so as to support four lanes of traffic with break down lanes and concrete barriers. The sea link is aligned with vertical and horizontal curves.

The main structure of the bridge is constructed of three different portions: the north end viaduct, the central cable stayed spans and the South end viaduct. The northern end viaduct is arranged in units of six continuous Sultan’s of 50 metres each. The cable stayed portion is 600 metres in overall length between the expansion joints. It consists of two 250 meters cable supported main spans flanked by 50 metres stipulated approach spans.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai
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There are about 264 stayed spans at Bandra channel with cable lengths varying from approx 85 metres minimum to the maximum of around 250 metres and 160 stay cables at Worli channel with lengths varying from around 30 metres minimum to 80 metres maximum. The overall outline of the tower as an inverted “Y” shape with inclined legs along the axis of the bridge.

Need to Build the Link

Mumbai is an overpopulated city with Bandra and Worli being extra crowded suburbs of this city,a lot of people travel from Bandra and Worli and vice versa. The distance between these two suburbs is around 9km with a vehicle rate of over 1,00,000 creating an unavoidable traffic congestion that stimulated a need to build a sea link between the suburbs and now, with the construction of Bandra Worli Sea Link, it requires just 7-8 minimum in travelling between Bandra asked Worli which was around 40 minimum to 1 hour earlier.

A Scenic Treat – At Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli Sea Link makes you feel spellbound with architecture marvel standing in the Arabian Sea allowing people to travel other the sea.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Night View
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Beyond just being an engineering wonders, the bridge looks stunning due to its designing and structure. When you are on the bridge at the Bandra side stands and look around to have a view of buildings in the Mumbai city making you feel that you are standing abroad. At night the place looks incredible when illuminated.


The link starts from the Mahim Interchange (i.e intersection of Western Express Highway and Swami Vivekananda road at Bandra) and connects to Worli at Worli end (having an overall length of 5.6 km) on western suburbs, South Mumbai, Maharashtra.


While travelling on the bridge you have to pay a to tax of Rs. 75 (the to tax is used in the management of the bridge). Charges are also levied as per the vehicles:

Rs. 55 per car

Rs. 80 per tempo/LCV

Rs. 110 per truck/bus

Bikers are not permitted at the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

How to Reach

To reach BWSL you can follow the Western Express Highway until Bandra and the complete 8 lane road week take you across the BWSL. If you are travelling from Worli side, the nearest railway station is the Lower Parel and from the Bandra side the nearest the Bandra West Railway Station and nearest bus stop is at Bandra reclamation area. If you are from out of Mumbai then it is an easily accessible city being the capital of and an immensely famous city.

Advantages of Sea Link

Due to the construction of the link, the travel time between Bandra and Worli is reduced to a great extent. It also proved beneficial in reducing a lot of distress caused due to the traffic congestion and life of Mumbaikars has been improvised to a level. The construction of the bridge had moreover added to the beauty and pride of the city along with the travel upgrade.

So if you are in Mumbai, Bandra Worli sea link will take you a step ahead in knowing Amazing India. 

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