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Decoded: The Difference Between B.Com & B.Com (Hons.)

Breaking away from the cocoon of school life and entering the ‘big’ world is a fascinating transition. While on one hand, you feel excited about the college life, you end up being utterly confused between plenty of career options. Even names of courses put a question mark on your choices.

One of the most common yet unnerving dilemma students face is between B. Com and B. Com (Hons.).Both seem similar,and that is the reason why many students don’t think much when choosing between the two. They pick up the course in ignorance,and it is only after they take a few classes, they are able to realize their mistake.

Decoded-The Difference Between B.Com & B.Com (Hons.)

To help students avoid committing such mistakes, we have decoded the difference between both these courses. From discussing the curriculum to telling you about the average income, we have sorted it all. Take a look!



The curriculum of B.Com basically involves teaching all the subjects that come under this field. Notable ones include accountancy, cost accounting, economics, management, human resources, statistics, finance and so on. All these subjects are also taught in B.Com (Hons.); however, students doing B. Com cannot specialize in a specific subject.

B.Com (Hons.):

As mentioned above, the subjects in B.Com (Hons.) are similar to that of B.Com. The crucial thing that makes both these courses different is that students are able to specialise in a specific subject during B.Com (Hons.). As per their interests, students can opt for a subject (such as Economics or Accounting) in the final year for specialization.

Nowadays, various new specializations in B.Com are being offered by top universities like UPES. This helps students in being industry-ready just after their graduation and grab better job opportunities.



Spanning over three years, B.Com degree aims at familiarising students with various aspects of the commerce field. Further, it also helps students in understanding the practices of the business world and how they can use these skills to grow a business.

B.Com (Hons.):

As compared to B.Com, this is more professional and business-oriented. B.Com (Hons.) helps students in developing their business skills and getting in-depth knowledge. In addition, many students who pursue B.Com (Hons.) also have the advantage of pursuing Chartered Accountancy side by side if they wish to.



Most of the colleges offer admission depending on the class 12th board result. Top colleges release cut off the list for B.Com programme. Students who qualify the list get admission in the respective college.

B.Com (Hons.):

Well, the admission criteria of B.Com (Hons.) is similar to that of B.Com. However, the cut off list of this course is relatively higher than the former. Many times, students who can’t qualify for B.Com (Hons.) opt for B.Com to get into their favourite college.

Job Opportunities &Salary


This is where the difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) starts having an impact on the career growth of students. Students with a B.Com degree find it challenging to get a decent job unless they opt for higher studies with courses like MBA or M.Com. Moreover, their pay scale is also less lucrative with the starting salary ranging from Rs.14,000-20,000 per month.

B.Com (Hons.):

Job opportunities are quite a thing when one has done B.Com (Hons.)Various companies prefer students with this course when it comes to placement due to its specialized nature. Moreover, the pay scale of a B.Com (Hons.) graduate is higher. Depending on the college, job profile and company, students can expect entry-level income of Rs.25,000 to 45,000 per month.

The Bottomline

The choices you make at the undergraduate level will affect the way your career proceeds in future. Thus, it is vital to gather as much information as you can about the courses you are planning to pursue. And now that you are done reading this article, we’re sure you will be able to make the right choice when it comes toB. Com courses.

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