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Saarang Sumesh – India’s Youngest Robot Maker

Saarang Sumesh is a child prodigy and India’s youngest robot maker who created his first robot at the age of 4 years. Saarang is a class 2 student who hails from Kochi and has participated in a science exhibition – TECH FOSS 2K16 which acted as a platform for him to display his models alongside 25 projects of other engineering and technology graduates. For the purpose of guidance and support, his father accompanies him frequently to small robotic clubs in Kochi and other places.

Saarang Sumesh – The Youngest Robot Maker of India

Sumesh has worked on a smart seat belt project, in January recently. He has also displayed a cleaning robot along with a robotic hand. This seven-year-old boy has already created models like autorickshaw robot, a Lego calculator and a humanoid that can fire bullets. As per reports, Saarang has programmed his cleaning bot to function autonomously. He has also developed a walking stick for the visually impaired and for his next project Saarang will work on Sumo-fighting robots.

Interesting facts about Saarang

Saarang Sumesh
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Becoming the youngest robot maker only at the age of 4, his inventions are highly inspired by social and routine issues. Inspired by him, his school has created a special innovation lab too. Highlights of his Smart seat belt project are as below:

The belt could sense if a vehicle is actually upside down and in cases like these the belt will automatically unbuckle. The accelerometers can also detect the collision and the belt will not open suddenly. He has designed the water and fire sensors in the device in such a manner that they detect them automatically. For Circumstances of fire without accident, fire alarm in the device set off, seatbelts will open automatically and the driver will be able to park his vehicle and escape safely.

Origin of the idea

Saarang Sumesh - Youngest Robot Maker of India
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The device was invented when he heard his parents discuss the problems of normal seat belts in school buses that do not release easily post an accident and prove to be a fatal for children. Saarang aimed to make this for kids in school buses and was thus struck with the idea of a smart seat belt. He has made the robots utilizing a Lego Robotic Kit.

Other robots created by Saarang Sumesh are:

  • Tricycle
  • LEGO NxT robot
  • Arduino projects using Raspberry Pi
  • Digital clock
  • A Hand speed game
  • A Cleaning Robot
  • Smart Seat Belt
  • A humanoid robot firing bullets

Achievements of the youngest Robot Maker

Saarang Sumesh TedX
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In TECH FOSS 2K16, a science exhibition in Kochi, Saarang’s stall was the most crowded and people flocked to have a glimpse of the three robots he displayed. He has attended many tech fests like Maker Week End at Cusat, LEGO league at Coimbatore and was the youngest speaker in TEDX along with exhibiting his creations at the largest Maker Faire at Silicon Valley, USA in the year 2016. Many are impressed by his presentation skills. To the audience’s dismay, Saarang never fails to explain the uses of the robots he displays in a fantastic and precise manner.

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