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Nanavu – Hari and Asha’s Eco-Friendly house in Kunnoor, Kerala

It is so fascinating as how the Mankind has developed from “Apes” to “The most evolved Creature” on earth. From rubbing stones for the fire to laying gas line for domestic cooking, from storing water in the earthen pot to the refrigerator, from riding bullocks carts to flying in airplanes, from lighting lamps for light to electric bulb and LED lights mankind has developed around itself things for its own comfort and needs. But with all these constructive things came a lot of destruction as well.

Nanavu - Eco Friendly House in Kunnoor
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Today we are worried about global warming because of the use of “Ozone eroding” gasses, the release of carbon dioxide and depleting greenbelts and forests.

Nanavu – Hari and Asha’s Eco-Friendly house in Kunnoor, Kerala

In the course of the development of mankind, we have damaged the nature. We are concerned of the glaciers melting and increasing water levels in the sea and Tsunami. Measures are been taken to minimize and resolve this situation. One such initiative has been taken by Mr.Chakkarakkal Uchulikkunnil Hari and his wife Asha from Kerala.

The Journey to Nanavu – Real Vision

A local water authority employee in Kannur, Hari, and an environmentalist who helps farmers practice natural farming, Asha, got married and decided that they will build their house which will be energy efficient and connected to “Nature”.

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And with the help of an architect friend they christened – Nanavu. Home to 15 frogs species, 80 birds, and 150 butterflies Nanavu is spread across 34 acres of land.

The House

The house is made of mud walls which keep the rooms cool for a long time; the roof is a mix of concrete and corrugated tiles. All the electrical and electronics are operated on “Solar Panels”. The lights are strategically placed so that they use less electricity and at the same time provide the adequate glow. Otherwise also the spacious planning of the rooms get ample sunlight. They don’t have a refrigerator, instead, they have a square space dug in the kitchen which is lined with bricks and a mud pot is placed in the space. The pot is then covered with sand around it and this keeps the utensil cool for a week.

Nanavu Refrigerator
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They grow all the vegetables and fruits by natural farming without using fertilizers. Natural manure is used in a measured quantity which produces healthy products. The kitchen runs on “Biogas” which is generated from the waste of the house, including human waste. It is a proof that consuming a product which is grown in natural ways makes you healthy; Hari has not visited a doctor in last 17 years.

A lot of efforts are being discussed, planned and implemented to regain the damage caused to nature. Countries, societies, organization are working towards this at their own levels. An individual contribution like Hari and Asha, definitely matter a lot and as responsible beings of the mankind we must take up steps to contribute. Hari and Asha have set up an example that existence of human beings, with nature, is possible, even in today’s world!

You can contact Hari and Asha at[email protected].

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