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Experiencing a Permanent Tattoo in Goa

Goa is a place where one should visit at least once in a year. Although the best time to visit Goa is during Christmas and New Year, but its too crowded at that time. So, I visited Goa with my wife in August 2016. After staying at Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort for 3 days, we planned our stay at Bogamallo Beach Resort in South Goa near Airport.

Permanent Tattoo in Goa – A Lifetime Experience

After spending some time at the alongside beach of Bogamallo Beach Resort, we came back to the hotel where we saw that the hotel also arranges for a Tattoo Artist on demand. From quite some time my wife wanted to have a tattoo of my name on her hand. As our Goa Tour was specially for celebrating my wife’s birthday, I wanted to fulfil every small wish of her. We asked the hotel staff if the Tattoo guy could come to the hotel for making a Tattoo. They said he is on a leave today, but he lives nearby and you could visit his place for the tattoo.

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How to Reach Mr. Til Bahadur’s Place ?

Without wasting much time, we hired an Activa for about 2 hours for Rs. 150 and we went to the place where this Tattoo Artist lives (Chikolna Village). As soon as we took right from the Hotel’s Gate we moved straight towards the Church. We crossed the church, moved straight and reached Chikolna Village where the Tattoo Artist – Mr. Til Bahadur Kshetri lives. It is merely 2.5 kms from Bogmallo Beach Resort.

Who is Til Bahadur Kshetri ?

Til Bahadur Kshetri is a very soft spoken and humble Tattoo Artist in South Goa with an experience of 30-35 years. He practices this Art at Bogmallo Beach Resort as well as from his home. He is basically from Nepal but he migrated with his family from Nepal to Goa approx. 35 years ago. He got his training from a UK based travel artist, who comes to Goa quite frequently to teach the Art of Tattoo to a lot of interested people. Although it is an expensive art, it didn’t stop TIL Bahadur to start it as a profession.

How much does he Charge ?

Even before we moved from the Hotel, we asked for the price for which he would make the Tattoo. Til Bahadur told that his price is Rs.800 per inch. And I hold him that we want to tattoo a name of 7 alphabets, how much would it cost. He told us that it would depend upon the size of the alphabets and thus the total area covered. This rate would be when you visit his home. At Hotel he may charge a higher price.

Basics about Tattoo Needles

Before TIL Bahadur started with the procedure, he told us about some basics of Tattoo Needles. Watch out the Video.

Tattoo Tracing

A Tattoo design is not directly made on the body part. Before finally making it, the tattoo artist makes it on a tracing paper and stamps it on the hand or wherever needed. Watch the complete video below.

Making of Tattoo

As per my wife’s experience I would say making a Tattoo does hurt a bit, just like you feel when you are injected by any other injection. Watch the complete video below.

After Tattoo Care

There are a few points which you must remember after you make a tattoo :

1) Leave the covering on for 2-6 hours.

2) Slowly & carefully remove the bandage.

3) Gently wash the tattoo with lukewarm water.

4) Never scratch or pick at your Tattoo, instead pat the tattoo with your fingers & dry it with a light, soft towel.

5) Apply a non-scented, water-based anti-bacterial ointment like Vaseline or any moisturiser.

6) Continue to wash and moisturize your tattoo, at minimum, twice a day until the scab is gone.

7) Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.

Note : If you have made your Tattoo by Mr. TIL Bahadur and you have any issues with your Tattoo or you want to ask anything about it, you can call Mr. TIL Bahadur on the Mobile Number given below.

Mr. TIL Bahadur’s Contact Number

Mobile Number : 09423315523

Mr. TIL Bahadur’s Address

Bogmallo Beach Resort : You can find him on selected days in Bogmallo Beach Resort, South Goa, OR

Residential Address : Village – Chikolna, 2 kms away from Bogmallo Beach Resort (0.5 km straight from the Church).

Final Words :

The size of the Tattoo on my wife’s hand was 1.5 inch and its actual cost was Rs.1200. However, Mr. Til Bahadur did this Tattoo for us in Rs.1000 only. He said you guys came to my home so I am giving you a Rs.200 discount. I liked his humble nature and the way he told everything about tattooing and his experience and life. This is the reason I wrote this Article.

If anyone of you reading this Article visits Goa, you can contact Mr. TIL Bahadur without any hesitation. You can trust his 35 yrs of experience for his excellent tattooing skills.

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