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List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Goa

Being the best vacation destination for the people who want to have fun and freedom, not only there are some awesome Tourist Attractions in Goa but it also has some exceptional Shopping Markets. Shopping! Yes, you must include shopping in your to-do list when you visit Goa the next time. Goa is a vacationer’s paradise and it would not be justice with the vacation, if you cannot do a little shopping. These days shopping has been termed as one of the therapies for the minds that need to relax. Goa gives you ample of opportunities for the same as there are wonderful markets that are full of various items for the various needs of the people. So, if you are in Goa or a planning your vacation in Goa then you must bring a lot of memories along with you.

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List of 10 Best Shopping Markets in Goa

Here is a list of ten markets in Goa that will let you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

1. Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market Goa

Anjuna Wednesday flea market is one of the major markets in Goa that happens every Wednesday. This market was originally the idea of the Hippies who wanted to sell their items to sustain their living here. But, now this market is a mainstream well-established market and is a means of bread and butter for many. You can get various items from different parts of the country and delicious food here. After lazing around the beautiful beach you can just indulge in the retail therapy.

2. Calangute Market

Calangute Market

Calangute is not only famous for its beach but also for its market that is a shopper’s paradise. You can buy all types of things in this market from clothes to jewelry to souvenirs. You could buy items made of leather, metal or clay as decorative pieces. This market has a lot to offer to you. The Calangute beach is one of the very busy beaches in Goa and this is the reason that sellers keep fresh and new items in store for the buyers.

3. Baga Night Market

Baga Night Market Goa

This beach is small yet wonderful and the shopaholics can enjoy their stay at this beach by engaging themselves in the night markets in Goa that are open on the Saturday nights. You name it and you get it at Baga night market. From grocery to clothes to food and almost everything will be available to you here. Even rural products that are the part of Goan tradition are sold here. You can even bargain here.

4. Margao Market

Margao Market Goa

This market again is a great one for the people who have no idea about what they want to buy. This is a paradise for the impulsive buyers and you can get almost anything from this market. Whether you want the spices or the funky jewelry you will never be disappointed in this market. This market is also famous among the residents of Goa for all kinds of shopping. This is one of the best markets in Goa is also known as Gandhi Market and is located in the South Goa.

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5. Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market Goa

Mapusa market has the true colors and true flavors of Goa. Though you can find all sorts of things in this market but you will be amazed to see the variety of pure spices that you get in this market. In addition, you get handicrafts, pottery items and pickles here. The list could be endless so just try to discover this market yourself and pick the best of the items that you can get in Goa. You could even get good quality Cashews here.

6. Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora

Arpora Saturday Night Market Goa

If you are in Goa and it also happens to be Saturday then waste no time and just rush to the Saturday night bazaar of Arpora. This is one of the best markets in goa to get the finest of handicrafts from the local artisans. This market is expensive but worth a visit. You could have a cocktail or two at Boutique House Bar here. This market is also known by the name of Ingo’s market. Whatever the name is, the main concern with a market remains always that of shopping and that remains just awesome.

7. Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

This night bazaar is mostly about eating and also a lot more than a little about shopping your favorite items like handicraft, souvenirs, gifts and all that you would want to buy as a visitor. You can also listen to the music performances of the local band. This market is located on the banks of Baga River. You will not be able to resist the temptation of buying a thing or two or even more than that from this market.

8. Panjim Market

Panjim Market Goa

If you love photography along with visiting places then you must love the vibrant colors of Panjim Market that are located just next to INOX Cinema. This is a well-planned market with various sellers selling their products in a very picturesque manner; you get almost everything from jewelry to groceries in this market. Spices and sweets are also few of the items sold here. It is from this market that you can carry back wonderful shopping memories of Goa.

9. Vasco’s Municipal Market

Vasco’s Municipal Market

This market is for those who love to eat fresh fish. In this market every day the local fresh fish is sold at 5 pm. The market is not very well-kempt but if you are crazy about the fresh catch you will not mind walking in the muddy waters and shopping through the fishy smell. This market is mainly for the locals who shop here for their daily fish and other grocery needs. Also, you can buy the famous Goan Cashews in Vasco’s Municipal Market.

10. Caculo Shopping Mall

Caculo Shopping Mall

Caculo shopping mall is a premium shopping place for all those who love to shop in the centrally air-conditioned environment. Here you will find grand décor, high-end brands, play-area for kids and much more that will make your shopping experience a pleasant one. There are various restaurants and coffee shops in this mall that are sure to let you relax after a long day at shopping in the mall.

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