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German state finance minister commits suicide after ‘virus crisis worries’

Finance Minister of Hesse state of Germany, Thomas Schaefer, committed suicide. As per the statements of Volker Bouffer, the state premier, Thomas did so after being too worried about how to encounter the economic downturn that has been caused by the coronavirus.

Thomas Schaefer aged 54 and was found dead on Saturday near a rail track. According to the prosecution office of Wiesbaden, it is suspected that suicide was the cause of his death. 

Bouffier stated on record that they are in shock and in disbelief. He also added that they all are extremely sad about the incident. 

Hesse happens to be the home of Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany. This is where major lenders like Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank have their respective headquarters. Frankfurt also has the European Central Bank. 

Bouffier, who clearly seemed shaken recalled that Thomas was finance chief of Hesse for 10 years. He was a very hard working person who worked day and night for helping workers and companies deal with the economic effects of the coronavirus. 

Volker, a close ally of Angel Merkel, the Chancellor, stated that they have to assume that he was very worried. He further added that they would have the need of someone like Thomas in challenging times like this. 

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