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No April Fools’ jokes this year by Google, here’s why

On 1st April of every year, tech companies of all scales love to have April Fool pranks played in their workplace.  However, this year, Google has decided that it will not be playing pranks on April Fools Day. The Giant made the decision because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

As per the statement made by Business Insider, Google has sent an email to all its employees, not mentioning anything about celebrating April Fool’s Day with pranks unlike every year. The company stated that it will not be celebrating the tradition of playing pranks out of respect for people fighting against  the coronavirus pandemic.

The most crucial goal of the company as of now is to be of help to the people. The tech leader further added that employees can save their pranks for next April which definitely would be a brighter one for all. 

As per statements, Google has stopped any centralized efforts made for the April Fool’s day  and realised that it might have many smaller projects to work on that it might not be aware of as of now. It further asked its employees to make efforts in working on these projects on that day rather than cracking any jokes on each other.

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